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Junior Regrello, selfish and self serving or a shining light for pan, the PNM, and the city of San Fernando.

Junior Regrello, selfish and self serving or a shining light for pan, the PNM, and the city of San Fernando.

by Aquil Arrindell

Around the age of 16, I told Mr. Regrello that I was inspired by his management style and I hoped to follow in his footsteps some day. At age 31, when Patrick Manning and the PNM lost the election in 2010, I called Junior Regrello and told him that his tenure as Junior Minister was unimpressive and self serving, in particular towards the steel band community. He explained to me that may seem so because his good deeds were not done for public gratification.


Three weeks ago, a prominent pan man in south called me and said “you won’t believe who’d give me financial assistance for my plane ticket to an international gig”. He was right, because I would not have guessed. Not because I never experienced Mr. Regrello’s generosity but because of their frictional relationship and things that Mr. Regrello knows that the individual has said about his character. It is beyond admirable that Mr Regrello would put that aside and assist this gentleman.

One month before that, I made a public call for someone to assist with the tutors’ fees for San City’s pan camp. Mr. Regello again came to the rescue. Thank you Mr Regrello. https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/prime-minister-ministe.... https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/prime-minister-ministe....

Around that same time, another south pan man /band leader came to my home to give me some assistance with one of my vehicles. He too revealed that Mr. Regrello was a breath of fresh air to his band because, since Carnival his band was without a home and Mr Regrello found one for them.

For 2018, Mr. Regrello’s band was also a part of the funerals of two prominent pan men, who were not affiliated with his band.

Mr. Regrello hosted the celebration for Mr Bobby Mohammed’s birthday at Skiffle pan yard.

Mr Regrello stood up to the police for violating the rights of pan men on the road for Carnival, as the lazy policemen tried once again to pull pan sides off the road before 12 o’clock which is stated in the proclamation of the act of parliament.  

Prior to all of these things, Junior Regrello was offered sponsorship by NLCB and refused because it would mean that a popular south band would have lost NLCB’s sponsorship.

Mr Regrello has also created new opportunities for steel bands in San Fernando by making them a part of San Fernando’s city month celebration.  Normally the city hosts a Pan On The Move event, but that only profits the tractor drivers who pull the steel bands. With all the budget cut backs, it has become impossible to fund that type project. Mr Regrello, who is a solution oriented person, decided to create a space where San Fernandians can still enjoy the steel band and would at the same time benefit the bands. Bands have been offered the San Fernando city hall auditorium, with no cost attached, to host their own concerts during this month.

These are just some of the things I have discovered through my own investigations as Mr Regrello once again refuses to speak of his generosity.  Could we think of one other steel band leader who did so much, in such a short space of time, for others outside of their bands?



Something that is not pan related but definitely worth mentioning. Remember when the country wanted to kill Mr. Regrello for removing the dial? Whether he is justified for moving it or not is still questionable, however his traffic plan for San Fernando is without a doubt a huge success. And the removal of the dial may have been instrumental in that success. There were many loud critics before the implementation of the new traffic plan but all those voices suddenly came to a hush as the motorists of San Fernando enjoyed greater mobility even druing peak hours.


Junior Regrello is a very analytical person, he is hard working and recently displayed generosity to the steel pan community outside his own band. He is modest which might be a deficiency in his political career, so it is our responsibility, as pan people, to tell his story. I am calling on the Prime Minster to take notice because there is a diamond in the rough within the PNM, he is a pan man, and his name is Junior Regrello.  


Aquil Arrindell

Voice for pan.  




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Aquil: Like you quit THE CIP and start a new organization called VOICE FOR PAN!!!

And how yuh writing and giving BIG SPEECH, so?

Ah think ah go have to NOMINATE YOU for PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO!!!

The only qualification is if you will accept the 20% management fee from GYPSY and successfully stage a PANORAMA!!!

The rest of the year me and Cecil Hinkson coming down and we playing ALL FOURS in the OFFICE night and day.

Sounds like Junior Regrello is a GOOD MAN!!! I always thought that his first name was "JUNIA" -- but I eh living in SOUTH so I doh know!!!

I think I spelt it wrong. I saw the error and, intended to fix it bit it slipped me. My humble apologies.

Doh worry, everybody calls him Junior. BTW he assisted the BSO Steel fromBrooklyn during the int'l steel competition.

Mercer Ramdoo: I thought we was good good PARDNERS and now yuh gone and SIDING UP with Aquil Arrindell against me. Boy, it so hard to MAKE A FRIEND on THIS FORUM.

But I will keep on searching!!!

Hey, what's up, Claude. We good.

Every Band needs a Junia Regrello.

He always has a solution to the problems that affect the pan men and women.

Well done Brother.

"FALL" from Starlift.
Ronald Lewis
Ronald Lewis Mr Regrello is NOT a pan "visionary" the very HUGE opportunity he had as a Junior Minister in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affair was 'unimpressive and self serving', in particular towards the steel band community. Aquil Arrindell you are a better PAN visionary & leader...period...
I have always been proud of Mr. Regrello's efforts to serve and unite the citizens as well as improve the city of San Fernando. His contributions to the Arts throughout the year, his appreciation for our heroes, his humility in
the atmosphere of political tensions,and his passion for the steelband art form are much to be admired. Blessings to His Lordship. Keep up the good work.
Will love to see Mr Regrello mobilize other Managers to do something about how Pan people are treated in T&T.

Well, as I read THE PROFILE presented by Aquil, THE MAN likes to be a humble UNDER-COVER PRODUCER. That job that you are assigning to him calls for a rambunctious and energetic leader who likes the LIMELIGHT.

Actually, GREGORY LINDSAY is the BEST MAN for the job you just DESIGNED.

But, Cecil Boy, yuh ever imagine THINGS COULD GET SO BAD and STAGNANT with PAN TRINBAGO? And everybody SILENT and HAPPY!!!

Claude, this happens when people accept defeat, it ah sense of hopelessness. All the work that went in to removing Mr Diaz he end up right back on top, the man is ah Obeah man


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