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KFC Trinidad Getting Dragged for Celebrating Emancipation Day With a Chicken Drum-Black Fist Image Is So 2020

The Root

Booooooy, some of these corporations really need to get out of the pseudo activism business because many of them just can’t seem to do anything right—in America or abroad.

KFC Trinidad and Tobago is apologizing for its ill-advised decision to recognize Emancipation Day—an August 1 holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people of African descent in former British colonies in the Caribbean—by posting a graphic of a KFC chicken drumstick accompanied by a shadow in the form of a Black power fist.

Of course, the social media backlash was swift with people calling out this racist imagery.

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  That is the problem with so much of modern advertising, where 'clever' is confused with 'creative', with little attention played to the nuances of human communication.

It serve al lyuh right!  Yuh got decent tasty local food and instead of promoting it, buying it and eating it yuh fullin up yuh guts wid foreign crap. 

Now yuh want to say how insulting it all is. Ha Ha. 

I remember a lime in Starlift panyard on Hunter street when the topic of the conversation was Why would anybody go hungry in Trinbago With all the street food and fruit we have. 

Now everbody want to follow dem yankee eatin fry chicken. KFC (kill future children) as though they starve for decades.

I've got no sympathy!


Randi: I thought I BRAVE -- but YUH BRAVER THAN ME!!!

Ha Ha I only speakin meh mind

Yuh PREACHING EMPOWERMENT while everybody else is brainwashed with VICTIMHOOD!!!

Claude this is the link to confirm our brainwashed claim


But at least I up here in England a long way from de Cyar Cook Angels in T'nT

Ha ha!


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