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Leon “Foster” Thomas and Crew Live at Club Bonafide - a Total “Metamorphosis”

The ‘eyes’ tell the story of an outstanding performance by panist

New York, USA - Leon “Foster” Thomas is the consummate artist. He has and continues to deliver the trifecta of the performing arts (create, perform and record) with distinction.

Earlier this year Thomas released his latest musical creation, the CD Metamorphosis, to rave reviews. This past weekend, WST (When Steel Talks) got an opportunity to experience a live hearing of some of the tracks from Metamorphosis as Thomas performed at Club Bonafide in New York. If you were present, you were treated to one of those special moments that top-class musicians both experience themselves, while simultaneously creating an enclave that can only be described as ‘magical.’ The musicians were entertaining each other, and by default the audience was brought into these sometimes deeply personal, extraordinary conversational pieces, that were filled with intimate introspective expression.
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Big , Big , Kongrats Foster , keep raisin d bar while breakin it dong fuh the group behind yuh .


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