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Panorama sucks all the energy outta every steelband/pan talk, and it's eight minutes of music once a year. It's about time to change the narrative..

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In all my years around the Steelband I can now say that modern carnival has a negative impact on it's development.

Merry Xmas Cecll. and members of WST. Cecil, could you elaborate on your post and what you mean by its about time to change the narrative. We did not have a modern T&T carnival for the last 2 years, so how did it have a negative impact on its development of the Steelband.

Season Greetings earl richards, we'll just pick up from where we left after the last two years, did you hear of any changes? I did'nt hear of any, which means it's the same old same old. I was kinda hoping they organize ah lil something for Steelbands on the road Carnival monday afternoon, but nuttin....if there is no dialogue nothing changes...Steelbands MUST play a part in our Carnival, we owe that to all the Pan people that has passed on..

It’s always a deLight reading your timely postings, Cecil.   Seasons greetings. 

You’re right, Cess!  Let us always remember fondly, and with attendant gratitude, all of our pan people who have passed. 

I ashamedly impose on our resident music-librarian, if he picks up on this current posting, to upload the Mighty Terror’s “Bring Pan When You Coming”.  Were I computer savvy I would have already done so.

I wish you, Cess — only the best in 2023, … as we anticipate and await the ‘same old, same old’.  Blessings.

Seasons Greetings Peter. GOD IS GOOD...

Putting all the Steelband eggs in the Panorama basket contribute greatly to it's stagnation, the music you play during the rest of the year will be the catalyst for Global success..

Season Greetings everyone.

Lets not delude ourselves when we speak of Global Success for the music.

Lets look at who is reaping the benefits when it comes to advertising dollars the music generates for Google who owns YouTube. Does Pan Trinbago demand its share of the revenue?

Technology Giant “Google” Celebrates the steelpan instrument via Google Doodle


CECIL HINKSON: Yuh really love PAN, boy. But you should not complain because you were one of the biggest advocates for A WOMAN PRESIDENT in PAN TRINBAGO.


And thanks for introducing me to DOCTOR deLIGHT ... one of the most intelligent and DELIGHTFUL MEN I EVER MET!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DOCTOR deLIGHT ... if THE PNM was not KILLING so many people in TRINIDAD ... ah woulda fly down and personally shake your hand.

DOCTOR deLIGHT: Ah make 74 this month and ah still breathing fire on the ROOF TOP and the BASEMENT ....

Sir Claudius:
You are most kind.  I thank you for your very gracious and cordial words. You are a gentleman, in the true sense of the word.
Some years ago you humoured me by inviting yourself to watch a Panorama at, and from, the zone of my home.  Unfortunately, that never materialized.  
I know you’re aware that the Mecca is no longer anything like what you knew it to be when you emigrated.  It’s downright heartbreaking.  It’s embarrassing.  In fact, it’s unhealthy.
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society, made incontrovertibly so, by reprehensibly escalating crime, rampant corruption, ubiquitous bobol, skullduggery at every turn, and in every nook and cranny, irrespective of race, colour, or creed.   
BUT amigo, if you feeling brave and invincible and yuh come dong — mi casa es su casa.
Happy belated birthday wishes and may you continue breathing fire from the rooftop and the basement, … and a conflagration from in between.  ;-)
If you have time, upload Lord Funny’s “True sense of the word”.   I think he’s a creative genius. And, Oh yeah, funny too bard!
Have a safe and happy new year, Claudius Maximus.  Now is all we have.

See Claudius?  You don’t have to take my word for it!

Happy New Year, Bruddah.


Claude my Brother, my love is really for the Steelband and the music they produce, but today they've made Panorama the engine that drives the Steelband and that's only one tune, they've totally written off Carnival. In the early days Carnival was where Steelbands showed themselves, they should still be able to do so today in a limited capasity. Carnival is an opportunity  to make a dollar, they just gotta get creative. History will be kind to the first woman president of Pan Trinbago, the opposition fail to generate interest so Beverley ah rule for a next term. Nuff Blessings in 2023..


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