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Liz MannetteTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Elizabeth “Liz” Mannette was tired of getting lost. Setting out to visit a new panyard was always a wearisome adventure because she would often have to turn back when she could not readily find the location.

....It often involved walking in circles around the Queen’s Park Savannah during semis or finals attempting to find the band’s location before the big stage performance. In her search for a solution, Mannette realised she was not alone.

....For Panorama 2017, Mannette was encouraged to launch a mobile app to put steelbands and panyards on the digital map.

The new PanCrawl digital app aims to show the exact location of all T&T panyards on Google Maps.
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What a surprise! go on to google store or lizmannette.com and what do you know? No such app.

Is this what D Trump means by FAKE NEWS?

Hey Randi !!!

Fake news indeed. I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything.

T. Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK.


The problem I have with all this is the lack of foresight. Such a surprise for a so called entrepreneur.

If you're going to go to press with something like this, then be ready for the inevitable world-wide interest it will create.


Elliot (Ellie) Mannette was not the Founder of Invaders Steelband!
Harold Mascall ( AKA, Guy) gave Invaders
It's name, and still resides in Brooklyn
at Present,at that time the ban was still
Oval Boys with Louis Peyson ( AKA)
PaPa Singley,a City Council Worker and
Resident of Bournes Road St James
Was the Oval Boys sponsor,providing
Uniforms,drums for tuning and toys
at Christmas for resident Kids ! Facts!!

Tellison A Forde, this is how we get the correct history, by people who know speaking out.

Thanks Cecil,My Father Cecil Forde ( Coye ) and Brother (Irvin Arthur Taylor (AKA) Turkey Geese Were included
in the Original founders of Oval Boys,Louis Peyson was My
Godfather, I can give you the history of the Breadfruit trees in Invaders yard and the adjacent yard from which I was Born which was devided only by a Galvanize fence,with SECRET holes or escape Routes !

I just happen to put a search for my grandfather's name and I saw this. Thank you for bringing this fact to light.


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