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Long time most large bands Panorama tunes were calypsoes by Sparrow,Kitch, Shadow,Melody, etc,etc now the whole thing change up is only Soca Tunes.for Panorama 2019 by large bands..

I see most of the large bands are playing a soca tune for Panorama 2019, So what has happen to the traditional Pan tunes we used to get from Sparrow, Kitch, Shadow, Melody, de fosto, Rudder. etc etc, Are there no one to take their place to compose and sing melodious Tunes for the Pan. Although i see some Pan Tunes posted but not selected. Is Soca selections the new norm for the future of Panorama or the whole thing change up. Only time will tell.

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De Whole Ting Change up,  Kes couldn't get a band to play his song for Panorama.

Kes - Savannah Grass (Official Music Video) | Soca 2019

Came out just too late. Best song of the season though...

Charlie's Roots - Savannah Party

Exodus - Savannah Party HD

Steelband Panorama Champions 1992

 I believe 2018 could have been coined the official beginning of soca for the large-band Panorama.  For some years now, a few bands may have played soca, but I believe every band played it last year.

"Are there no one to take their place to compose and sing melodious Tunes for the Pan."

Lord Kitchener and Lord Pretender - Soca vs Calypso

Sprangalang - Comments on Pan Songs

Steelbands never grasp the importance of doing their own music, had they followed Ray lead they would have been in a far better place today, who knows radio stations would have had no choice but to show them respect. Panorama should be music composed for the pan, steelbands has to encourage their own to compose, arrange, sing and play their own music. This is how to build their own brand. Soca artist building up self, Steelbands have to do the same.

Cecil, well said...

Starlift - Oh Trinidad HD

Karissa Lewis - O' TRINIDAD... LOVE AGAIN


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