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Making of Pantonic Live - Bradley & Pantonic - In My House - Another Basement Producion

Earlier this week we posted a slow version of New York's Pan Rebels playing "In My House" as arranged by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe in 1999. Additionally, this was a very special year as it heralded the return of Clive Bradley to the New York panorama arranging scene after a six-year absence. It also marked the beginning of a very young steel orchestra by the name of Pantonic, which, in 1999 with Bradley as its arranger, began its rise to become a world-class juggernaut - beginning with a championship that very year. The orchestra would create some very special musical performances over the next few years with Clive Bradley at the arranging helm. Indeed, there are some who say these were some of the master's most memorable masterpieces.

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Pan in New York is extremely competitive - and there exists a 'take-no-prisoners' attitude that comes with the city. It has also contributed to some of the greatest steelband music pieces ever created.

Despers USA, the defending champions had just compiled a string of six straight panorama wins; Pan Rebels was ready to break that streak with Boogsie.

And as fate would have it, Pantonic would also leap into the fray with Bradley's interpretation of "In My House." This version as performed by Pantonic is on the recently-released CD "The Bradley Years," as captured and produced by Basement Recordings.

The present posting of these two captivating, but unique arrangements of the identical song by these two musical greats - in the same competition and for two great orchestras - provides a unique look into the contrasting styles and approaches within their creations.

Once again, the sonic experience and audio quality have been significantly reduced to facilitate the upload to this forum. The CD containing Clive Bradley's arrangement of the track as performed by Pantonic Steel Orchestra is available at www.pantonic.com/cds.

We unabashedly recommend that you quickly pick up your copy of The Bradley Years and experience the uncompromising quality of the full dynamic range of Pantonic's "In My House," along with their equally impressive performances of six other Bradley works.


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Pantonic beat Pan Rebels by 29 points that night. I was at this panorama. Bradley and Pantonic won easily based on the bands panorama performance. However, after listinening to these two great recordings and awesome performances I now truly have a greater appreciation of what both arrangers and bands (Pantonic and Pan Rebels) brought to the table that night. For some reason Boogsie never got his due in New York.

What do you mean,when you say 'Boogsie never got his due in New York'?
There were a few years when I think it was clear Boogsie had won the New York panorama but was not awarded the title. There was one year when he arranged High Mas for a group called Silhouettes, to this day I still wonder what the judges were listening to.

Bugs, I played with Silhouettes that year and to this day I am still trying to figure out the same thing...


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