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MARCUS ASH: Do you think it is fair for me to be BANNED from BROAD-BASED commentary on THIS FORUM? You are one of the most honest men that I ever met in my life. So I need your opinion (help?)!!!

Marcus: Yuh know how many years I lambaste KEITH DIAZ on THIS FORUM? And KEITH DIAZ treat me like ah FLY on ah ELEPHANT BACK.

But once this NEW ADMINISTRATION took over my FREE SPEECH is in JEOPARDY. And my boss on this forum (Cecil Hinkson) is seeking to curtail my expression. Now he living in CANADA and i don't know if they have that FREEDOM OF SPEECH thing in CANADA.

But south of that border I was told that I could have the right to say what I want to say when I want to say it. However, suddenly, I am being told that I cannot call certain names on this forum -- and I don't think that this is fair.

Well MISTER MARCUS -- I am depending on YOU to give me back my GREEN LIGHT to self expression. Now, I know that you (more than anybody else on THIS FORUM) understand MY STYLE of expression -- as BRIGHT as you are.

So please come and straighten out CECIL HINKSON and tell him to LET THIS JACK ASS BRAY!!!

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No one is trying to infringe on your free speech, we in Canada know how big y'all south of the border are on free speech, we watch your president all the time, as a matter of fact the whole world does, but don't beat-up yourself no one want to ban you, all I ask you to do is show the new president a little respect.

Cecil: Since you decided to take your little SWIPE at THE DONALD ah better let you know that he is the GREATEST POLITICIAN America has ever seen.

Ah mean little boys set their minds on becoming PRESIDENT from childhood. And then they go to the best school and get law degrees and they study the constitution and they become district attorneys and local politicians and community organizers and assembly men and mayors and congress men and senators and governors and they run campaigns and study politics and bide their time and eventually run for PRESIDENT and lose -- despite their vast experience in all facets of party politics and government.

Then up comes THE DONALD and put all man JACK in their place. Destroy the OBAMA legacy -- willfully!!! And every astute observer of American Politics knew that LEGACY was the MOST IMPORTANT thing to OBAMA. Especially THE DONALD. He knew that!!!

And the man take office and run things like if he was a SENATOR or GOVERNOR for 25 years and spend his whole life in politics. Record low unemployment and record high stock market -- ah doh have to go on!!!

So the whole world have the right to watch this man talk and operate because the world has never seen a man who seemingly lacked the preparation display such POLITICAL SKILL. We going and turn NANCY PELOSI and the house upside down now.

Claude, I understand what Cecil is saying there. But this forum won't be WST without CLAUDE GONZALES! 

So Claude, I say do your thing. Once Beverley, and the rest of the executive do their work, no one should have to worry or be fazed by what Claude Gonzales say. Once the work is done everything will be alright (Just like the elections).

At the end of the day, Claude is helping Beverley by keeping her name out there. As far as see, a little Claude Gonzales marketing service ain't a bad thing LOL 

Mr. Ash I like how you operate.

Please tell us that you are not Golden State Warrior fan...


Marcus, sometime after the election I told Claude that he actually help Beverley by keeping her name visable. Now the election is over I was kinda hoping that dialogue could reflect the "building" spirit.
The previous administration never dealt with the forum, here we are today with a new admin. why not try and establish a serious relationship?

Marcus: Yuh see how everybody wants to be your BEST FRIEND NOW talking sweet to you.

But, seriously, I think  that you should send your PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER on THIS FORUM to inform the 20,000 members of WST how things are going.

Now if she needs a little CRASH COURSE on how to survive as an INDEPENDENT VOICE on WST I could help her with that.

Or even if she wants to come on and tow the party line like MICHAEL JOSEPH used to do. That too will be welcomed.

Now you and me done sign ah contract to be pardners for life (politics or no politics) so ah doh know why Cecil and Bugs and everybody else coming and try to win favour with you now -- unless dey looking for ah WUK in PAN TRINBAGO.

Furthermore, I think that the RELATIONSHIP between TEAM REBUILD and WHEN STEEL TALKS and the WHEN STEEL TALKS MEMBERS -- to the subtle readers, please note the distinction I just made -- is working just fine. I don't have to be a part of the KUMBAYA to seal the deal.

Sometimes THIS FORUM is like a CULT.

Everybody have to come on and cry when somebody dead.

Everybody have to celebrate every birthday.

Everybody have to say that THE PAN is the greatest musical instrument ever invented.

Everybody have to say that BOOGSIE SHARPE is a MUSICAL GENIUS.

Everybody have to say that EVERY PAN MAN in Trinidad is a QUALIFIED MUSICIAN.

... and now Everybody have to say that TEAM REBUILD is the GREATEST ADMINISTRATION ever elected to PAN TRINABGO with the GREATEST PRESIDENT the MECCA has ever seen.

Man, I too renegade to join that CULT!!! I like to control meh own head!!!


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