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Marcus Ash: The World of Pan Lovers is waiting for an update on the "State of the Corporation" from PRESIDENT BEVERLEY!!!

Marcus Ash: Looking like a PRO!

Since you are the ACTING PRO it is time for you to come on THE FORUM and give us some updates.

Sharmain Baboolal told her story and everybody flock around it and read!!! Duvone Stewart told his story and it got over 1100 views on THIS FORUM. And dey wasn't quite praising Caesar, eh!!!

So it is time for THE PRESIDENT or the ACTING PRO to come and present THE EXECUTIVE side of the story. She just can't stay undercover until some GOOD NEWS find her!!!

I still say a Q&A like how all dem big world leaders does do (after all -- she is the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN) is the best format -- because there are so many outstanding issues. But we will settle for a written statement from you or her outlining the progress  so far and assuaging  our anxieties about the apparent turbulence in the LEADERSHIP.


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Hi Claude,

Firstly, I will say that I am NOT the acting PRO of Pan Trinbago (contrary to popular belief) LOL. 

As requested, here are some updates :-

•Prize monies WILL be paid tomorrow please God. The President, and NCC were able to have the money prepared to be distributed to bands tomorrow afternoon. 

•With reference to cost cutting measures. The executive made a decision to first start with ourselves. No executive member on this present administration will be receiving two or more salaries. With the current cut in salaries, the organization is projected to save approximately 1 million per year. This includes bonuses, honorarium, and whatever else that is usually added to bulk a pocket more than the stipend.

• The executive made a decision to move to a new location which will save the organization a minimum of  $25,000.00 per month compared to the previous amount being paid. 

•The executive is currently engaging options to creating alternative revenue for the organization that can make profit by a few millions per year (I can't/won't go further until these options become confirmations).

These are just a few things I will mention because I am only saying this after it was made public, but I would like to just say one thing extra...

I understand that it's a confusing time for persons on the ground. I can't fault anyone who would look at the executive as not being transparent or open to the public. However, I assure everyone that the executive IS working overtime to ensure that matters are dealt with in the interest of ALL stakeholders. As days go by, things change and developments happen, and as such, it makes no sense to bring a piece of a story here and there which has no confirmation or conclusion because it will only create unnecessary speculations and assumptions. I have no desire to see the Steelband movement erupt into any further chaos than it is already in.

I wish all member bands, players, expats and Steelpan lovers a merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New year.

Thanks for the update, Marcus!!! Good news ALL AROUND.

Man, yuh put up that POSTING like a REAL PRO!!!

Is that PRO or PRO? Just a lil confused, dais all.

How much will players receive for PANORAMA 2019 and when?

Is the monies being paid tomorrow an advance on the subvention for 2019?

Simple questions that deserve a SIMPLE, DIRECT answer.

I have been asking you some questions and up to now no answers from you are you afraid to answer 

 Big deal. Panorama monies now being paid. I think money was available all the time, but as soon as business

 people start their yearly moan and groan that sales slow, funds suddenly appear.

  Works everytime.


Thanks Marcus this brief statement gives me hope of much better things to come so i look forward to meeting the new Executive when i come to Trinidad by the way what is the new address for the office ?.

Why not move the office to the vacant office space at the Grand stand. This will save millions. 

very well said Ash , but dont let people f with your brai, just roll with it I got your back, I was a friend of your uncle tash,


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