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Meet Dr. Roy Cape - Legend, Musician, Bandleader, Author, Educator & Philanthropist - UpClose!

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Dr. Roy Cape

Global - He is the man who brought the likes of Beverley Griffith, Clive Bradley, Scipio Sargeant, Ron Berridge, and Raf Robertson into the steel orchestra arranging community. Full Stop!!! Yes, you heard it here.

It is said that the world moves in wondrous and mysterious ways, and moreover, everyone and everything are connected. There is no greater example of this phenomenon than the life of Dr. Roy Cape. If you remove Dr. Roy Cape from the time-line, his significant and global impact to date on Pan culture, the art form and music world in general, would be voided; and all that exists because of his interactions - would never have been. 

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You're the man Mr. Cape.

Thank you.


One name missing in this post is the incredible Vasso De Freitas alto saxophonist. To prove my point go back to The Troubadours sa sa yay and hear these two alto saxophones played by Dr Cape and Vasso blend away in perfect harmony curling in a unified sway and with Buchu on tenor this is yet to be beaten since the Phil Brito, Cyril Diaz days with Desmond Durham and the society six and Cito Fermin on the guitar.. Tex Williams also was involved with Beverly Griffith's arrangements playing many tunes like Barcarole with that pan like back line that was played on guitar by Chet Samson. Darlington Brown's solo on Clarence Curvan's "teensville" had that Beverly touch which drives me to think that the audience is there for the music we just have to provide it. Dr Cape's and Vasso's tone were so similar and fabulous

that I often compare them to the Billy Vaughn's brass harmony.  Unlike the "brass ring" from Jamaica these two guys could hold their own against anyone in the reed section. My six piece steel band "Paul Ferrete's Caribbean Extravaganza" celebrated 53 yrs in the business this year.. I was often told that the audience wasnt there for our Harry Belafonte's style repetoire but we ignored that and did it anyway and as age is stepping in this may be our last year doing so. We may reduce our selves to a two or three piece just to appease our fans who had our summers booked up for the past twenty years.  My eternal admiration for Dr cape for all the years of music he provided since I first saw him in the calypso tent with Bertram Inness at the Strand cinema back in 1966,, Here's hoping for many more to come..

Sparrow's Troubadours - Sa Sa Yea

That was when music was played by men and not machines, computers and synthesizers..Thank you odw..

BOB DIAZ: Nobody has ever come on THIS FORUM and shared a TECHNICAL EXPLANATION of MUSIC like you have.



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