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Meet Etsuko Tajima - New York/Japan - Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Meet Etsuko Tajima
New York/Japan

Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

New York, U.S.A. - “...It is a magical instrument. Especially when you play as a band, I can’t even describe how my spirit is lifted. The only way is to experience it.”

She was simply walking along a Brooklyn street one Summer night with friends when the sound and spirit of the pan beckoned, enticed and enveloped her in an inexorable musical relationship - that resulted in her becoming a performing Pan Woman in a historical Brooklyn steel orchestra. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - educator, performing and recording artist Etsuko Tajima shares her feelings, experiences, and love for the Steelband music art form and more.

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Appreciate this art form.I am based in Vancouver if the opportunity presents itself for you to tour Vancouver I am interested as a Trinidad born promoter.

Orvis Noel

Etsuko Tajima: A MUSICIAN who plays the PAN and composes her OWN MUSIC. We need more PLAYERS like her.

Big-up Etsuko Tajima, awesome panwoman.

I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas recital presented by Brian McFarlane  "Christmas Joy Chimes of Peace"  at Queens Hall in the Mecca, the performance was developed for an European Audience, the singers and performers were super, costumes extravagant, but I left the performance totally shocked and extremely disappointed, there was NO STEEL PAN, Soca, or calypso incorporated into the performance where was Dr Dolly and her team, where was the Pan community, where was the Calypso Leadership how was this allowed to happen. Many of the performances  could have been supported by pan and other carol renditions.  If the home of the STEEL PAN is not giving the proper respect to the instrument how could we as a nation expect other countries to give the accolades the instrument.  Dr Dolly what about a Carols and Classics in Steel as we had back in the sixties with added developments to fit the current audiences taste.  


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