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Meet Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed - Champion Arranger for Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra - Up-close!

Meet Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed - Champion Arranger for Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra - Up-close!

New York, USA - Often when we talk about the steelpan music movement we forget or take for granted - just how young many of these now well-known icons of Pan were. Case in point: Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed, arranger for the legendary Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra from southern Trinidad. So distinct and powerful was the sound of the Cavaliers, that they became one of the most feared orchestras of their time. There are those who will still swear that there were over two hundred players “on the road” in the orchestra.

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks (WST) champion steel orchestra panorama arranger Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed shares his memories and thoughts of Pan in that golden era, and the steelpan music moments of today...
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Bobby Mohammed, ...What an honourable and humble gentleman. I do hope that  a lot of people on WST listen and watch this video, not only to get the lesson in historic information which Bobby so readily made available....but also there is a great lesson in humility, something we all need so much in today's world ,,,Bobby  a heartfelt thanks for opening up to us with your vast knowledge, information and sincerity.


Over the last few years I have had  the great pleasure of meeting and visiting Bobby at his home and we still keep in touch. It is a great honour and privilege to know this man, this legend in pan and a great humanist. Thank you for all your contributions to a better society Bobby ,


I wish you all the best and I do hope the the Government of T&T  and the organization honour and give you your due as a great contributor and an elderly Statesman of Pan.

Thanks again also to WST for bringing these interviews to the forefront.

Nuff respect


Great interview. Thank you, WST for giving many of us the opportunity to meet this pan giant and to hear his story from his own lips.

And by the way, he answered my question, his brother Selwyn only made it to the semi finals with Renegades in 1969.

I stand corrected, since I thought Renegades were in the finals that year.

It's always interesting when any of our Pan Heroes are interviewed but with someone like Bobby who was there from the start of the Panorama Competition and Excelled so early , the Excitement of being there on the drag in Cavaliers is relived once more . That energy is yet to be seen since then . Renegades did not make the finals in 1969 under his brother Selwyn but they won the Bomb competition playing 'In a Monastery Garden". I believe this may have been their first victory in a Major Pan Competition and it paved the way for their numerous victories which followed thereafter .

It is more of an opportunity than a privilege to hear from the head and stomach of the great and humble human in the name of Lennox "Bobby" Mohammed.While his siblings were showered in academic achievements, the Almighty God bestowed upon him a gift of talent that no one can steal.His legacy remains cemented in the steelband movement as to the success and glory of once a pride of south Trinidad; Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra. Though twice winners of Panorama, Guinness Cavaliers under the stewardship of Bobby Mohammed was always a musical threat in Panorama Competitions during the decade of the 60s.Moreso, for the young pannists,who are unaware, it was the steelband to beat during that era.

I wish Bobby God's blessing and success in his latest endeavour as he pursue his callings from the 'Most High'.


Vernon Peter Morancie


Glad to see this interview knew Bobby from Lazzari STreet as we all lived on the same street in the 60's and was friendly with his sister Lynette. Have not seen him in years. Originally lived at #1 Lazzari Street he knew me as Pamela Frost.

I have been blessed to have known Bobby and Selwyn and of course their father who was a very grand gentleman. He allowed us boys to hang out downstairs.This was before Gondoliers was started as the yard was then available and Bobby played the piano upstairs. Selwyn was more outdoors with the neighborhood  boys.Later on My Mas room was on Jones Street with only their backyard separating us. We were thoroughly entertained by the Great Cavaliers in the years they were making the legacy we have today while we were making costumes.

Thanks Bobby ..and Sel for experiencing your talent and vision .Congratulations and Blessings to you.

Bobby you made the people of San Fernando very proud and you trailblazed the way for many great arrangers today . The incredible style you invented by doing the calypsoes majors to minors and vamping the bases . I never heard it before you started doing it , God had a plan for your life when Gondoliers split and Cavaliers was born . A blessing in disguise for you because this allowed you to go out on your own to start arranging . We who were left in Gondoliers challenged you for the Guinness sponsorship at Woodford Square . This was your first victory as you won it Here we are so many years later and in spite of the setback you had , you overcame with God's help and came out victorious . Blessings to you brother , Winston.


Can't make it to the celebration but my thoughts will be with you.

One cannot overestimate the impact Bobby Mohammed had on the steelband sound , tempo and style of arranging.

To me , you could almost divide the steelband sound as BC ( before Cavaliers ) and AC ( After Cavaliers).

This live panorama performance from Panorama 1969 is the closest thing that can show the impact of Cavaliers , back in the day.

Incidentally , the album cover features Cavaliers , with Bobby in the middle with a white shirt.


Happy Birthday man......

Excellent - Thank Bobby #cultureliveshere young pannist. A must listen to interview for any pan lover who wishes to get the facts. 


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