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I've got to get this off my chest , it has been bugging me for too long , and allyuh won't like it.
Somehow or other , pan people seem to have developed what can only be called a socialist mentality.
It is no accident that most of the progress in pan happened in an era when panmen were mostly hustlers , and there was little if any government financial support to depend on.
The same applies to the music.
Like it or not , no one has any obligation to listen to pan music , panorama music or pan tunes.
And please do not tell me we have an obligation to blindly "support we culture".
In case you all don't know it , entertainment is a competitive business , and like any form of entertainment including movies , you have to appeal to the public , and compete for the entertainment dollar.
That is the reason why so-called "pan tunes" get little airplay.It is all about business and you cannot force music down the public's throat if they do not want to hear it.
And since there is no real public demand for "pan tunes" , this cannot help but have a negative impact on steelbands and on the panorama itself.
In the past , except for rare occasions , panorama pieces were arrangements of popular tunes of the day.
So you knew the tune being played, and was better able to appreciate the work done by the arrangers.
Today , however it is different.
To really appreciate and understand a panorama arrangement , you're somehow expected to listen to the source material on your own .
This is totally unrealistic , except for the most diehard panorama fans.
IMHO , somehow or other , steelbands have to figure a way to return to playing popular music of the day for panorama , even if it means making special arrangements with the top young artists.
Hearing popular music in the pan-yards and on the panorama stage cannot help but be a boost for the art-form.

So I can certainly see why many would have a preference for familiar tunes of yesteryear .

Last year , I saw something very unusual for today.
People were actually singing along with All Stars on the drag at panorama.

If All Stars didn't show us something in 2017 , then nothing will.

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Glenroy you will have to admit that the lesson began with Desperdoes in Panorama 2016.


I agree , Bugs.

With Despers in 2016 and All Stars in 2017, the trend seems (hopefully) to be a return to playing popular tunes for panorama

I agree with you 105% Glenroy.

Good point Glenroy, but what constitutes a "pan tune" .... not because the singer mentions "pan" in the song, or for that fact, a steelband name in the song, it automatically becomes a "pan tune". I think that when an arranger has the ability to take a calypso or any other type of music, and arranges it in a way that people say...." all yuh hear dat, listen to dat piece of music" then he has a tune for the pan. Personally, I would like to get rid of the term "pan tune".... any piece of music can be a pan tune, it just takes some imagination and a little freedom of arrangement.

I can’t believe this guy is saying they should get rid of “ Pan tunes”

I know there are plenty of people out there that understands what we mean when we say 

pan tune , even though Pan could play anything like it was said many times before..

aA pan tune was a song written  for the pan to play that consist of a moving melody and 

chords you ear could just follow along as per Kitch a million times over,, his countless 

contributions , even blueboy back in the day made melodies that was tailor made for the Pan,

and all the other composers that I so admired growing up.. 

the songs that are being chosen now does not have all the  ingredients as the past chefs 

of this great and slowly dying  genre  of our music ..

i am not a Bradley and I didn’t go to Berkeley but my ear is well trained, 

Miguel: I like your PASSION for the MUSIC!!! Put up some of your music on THIS FORUM.

I have quite a few tracks on the WST site over the years , I did not write a song this year 

I choose to do two soca Parang songs I released early November with two singers ...

but I have been sending songs for a few years now with different singers

and I even sang a few myself , 

but I am getting really discouraged by the directions the music is heading,,

i am not a Machel or a Kevin Dubois , so my style is my style because it’s me

buy it’s not what is needed ...these days

Miguel: "The WST site has many mansions" so I am asking you to take your BEST SONG EVER and put it up here on THIS CHAT SITE!!!

I liked all of the songs I composed over the years but the only

one that was played and won a panorama competition 

was Tunapuna Scanty “s Bandoleros.  And why I picked that one 

is because I have always been a Pan man and my Dream came through 

when I heard that track for the first time being played on Pan .. 


Mr Ginzales

Mr Gonzales

spell Check 


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