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Ms. Prime Minister Keep Your Greens - Move the Semi Finals to Friday & Saturday - Stop the Dissrepect of Pan & Our Youth

Ms. Prime Minister ultimately the buck stops with you.

It is time for the disrespect of Pan and culture to stop. The world is watching. You cannot claim to support the efforts of the young people of Trinidad and Tobago on one hand and support the existence of the Greens at the Panorama semi finals with the other.  That's like handing a burning cigarette to a runner after he has just completed a race. It is a toxic mix.

Stop the disrespect Ms. Prime Minster. Time for you to lead by example.


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Am I missing something here. What is the disrespect specifically you are claiming


How the P.M. come in dat?

Panorama is a government funded operation Merrytones.


I think there are some who think Pan is a Scared Cow. Sacred Cows make the best hamburger though. I am a pannist and I have NO problem with people gathering on the fringes of my festival having a good time. I'd rather have those patrons hanging out near me than their attending an event clear across town somewhere. Their money, their energy, their excitement and enthusiasm all contribute on some level to the success of MY premier event. We have to think market, we have to think customers, customer segments, value propositions. Those folks in the Greens may not consider our latest chromatic run to be of much value to them, but they consider us enough to drop hundreds of dollars to be associated with our event. Let's CELEBRATE that!!! I think a small percentage may eventually find their way into our main event, in the meantime, let them enjoy themselves as they see fit. We have solved the interference issue, the DJs and bands cease playing when the steelbands perform now, the Greens Patrons have accepted that and we all coexist. What IS the problem? Let's think in terms of making OUR offering relevant to those patrons rather than vilifying them for supporting our event.

Regardless, they need to address the noise bleeding over from the greens stage onto the main stage. May as well let the next band on deck do a final run through in the holding bay while a band is on stage.

Cut the BS Keith.  These people are not supporting pan and have not interest in pan. And you know that. They come with their own music.  The only thing they don't have is a switch to turn off the panorama completely.

What's your problem with moving the semi finals to another day away from the Greens party. I'm sure you will find that the Greens will be even more successful now that the pan interruptions has been moved. And if it is really pan they love so much, Pan Trinbago can hire your band to perform for them on the Sunday. You make money, Pan Trinbago make more money and the disrespect to bands won't occur. Everybody happy.


I really do not know you, but it is obvious from your response that you are intimately attached to your brilliant idea. I would have thought that persons contribute to fora like this to exchange views, even differing, so that we may ultimately arrive at improved solutions to our issues. I think you should charge ahead fully with your idea, unfazed by any detractors who may seek to convince you otherwise. I have no time for BS so I will go back to doing some useful work while you save the world with your idea.

Keith, Did you not hear the BOOM BOOM during the Steelbands performances on stage at the semis??? Thats the problem !! A BIG problem!!!!!

No, but I thought they had sorted out that issue years ago. Are DJs or performers still playing during performances? Last time I was at the Greens 2 years ago, I observed acts stopping when the signal arrived that the band was about to perform. I remembered seeing the stage being displayed on a big screen to help synchronise activities. 

"We have solved the interference issue, the DJs and bands cease playing when the steelbands perform now, the Greens Patrons have accepted that and we all coexist. What IS the problem? "

WRONG!  I was at the Grand Stand on Sunday and what you stated is a damned lie!

Your,errant, illogical, egoistic and arrant thinking Mr Maynard IS the problem.

So you are a pannist therefore Panorama is YOUR premier event. How damned presumptuous!

I am not a pannist therefore Panorama could never be my premier event - ent? -  albeit the fact, for over forty years I have considered it the axis around which my entire Carnival revolves......but then again  Carnival may very well be your event, not mine.

According to you I am but a "customer" - and I am happy to say a PAYING patron whose Semi-Final ticket stated - Semi-Finals Panorama 2015 Grand Stand. I never paid for being disturbed, irritated, insulted, NOTHING about the Greens and their incessant noise whether I like it or not.

And to this you ask me to celebrate? Go to Maracas - take two dips and come up once!

You and your ilk are part of the problem, NOT the solution.

Every steel orchestra MUST NOW step up to the plate and say to Pantrinbago: we are not taking part in what IS Panorama with that parasite call the Greens on our backs.

Wow!! Soon I have to duck from an iron bolt. Be civil, gentlemen. Apparently the greens affected everybody else but the panman/steel orchs..

I had every intention of ignoring your flame-baiting response, and I will, since I refuse to converse with louts, which you have demonstrated yourself to be. I would however like to highlight your response as an indicator of the source of violence in our society, the inability to sustain a civil discussion or debate on issues of interest to all. You have managed to go from a discussion of whether an event should be held or not to ad hominem attacks on me who simply offered an alternative view from the OP. I am of the firm view that, were we in the same room carrying on this discussion, you would have probably immediately reached for your 9mm and pumped a few bullets into me for disagreeing with the post. We  sit in our living rooms and wonder where the violence originates in OUR society? Like Chalkie sings in "Wey Bandit come from?", "you just make another one". So guys, there is a reason I do not post in these fora, I must have had an unguarded moment, lemme ride out and leave the heavy lifting to the rocket scientists among us who have the solutions for every challenge we face.


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