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Name the first band to win panorama performing at the number 1 position twice

Mr. Valentine Young posted a "Sneaky Trick" question on September 6th, and I would have challenged him, saying, that never happened in panorama.

He fooled us, because of his semantics, and the answer was a band in the South Panorama. When we hear Panorama, our minds are focused on the National Finals, The Big Yard, The Savannah (lol)

So, this is my not so sneaky question: Name the only band to win the panorama finals performing at the number 1 position on TWO occasions.

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Ian My Learnt Friend. The First Panorama Finals in Trinidad was  held in South Trinidad at the Naparima Bowl on the 18th February 1963.. I never said National Panorama in My Trivia.  I am Guessing this Answer to Your Question. My Answer is ''RENEGADES. When a Question looks Easy that's when its Tricky. LOL.

Thanks Val,

       Hello Val,            

I see that we are both "late nighters. "Ok you say Panorama Finals and I say National Finals on the 22nd of February, 1963. (lol)

I always ask Americans, when did the United States gained its Independence? I always get a strange look before hearing 1776. Then I will reply, no! that is not the correct answer. Ok we will leave that for another time. Someone in American History will give the correct year (lol)

About my semantic question, your guess is "incorrect."  Renegades did win their first Panorama National Finals performing at the #1 position, but they only won once performing at that position.  Here is a hint; we have also gotten winning performances from bands like All Stars and Desperadoes.

Trinidad All Stars.

Was it All Stars - Rainorama ...I think Despers played the same song

Thanks Bertel and Salah, but both your answers are "Incorrect"

Remember that guy name Val, so we have to think outside the box (lol)


This is not a reply to your question but I would like to know if you are from San Fernando and you have a brother called Selwyn.

Kenrick Mohammed

Hello Ken,

                  No! I am from laventille and I do not have a brother by the name of Selwyn.  However, I know of a Selwyn from South, cannot remember his last name, who owned a band in South. I met him in California; we both migrated to Florida, but he suffered a stroke about 7 years ago.

Do you know Mr. Lennox "bobby" Mohamed?

Hi Ian

Yes, I knew Bobby quite well. We went to Presentation College at the same time. We lived very close to each other. He always encouraged me to become a member of Cavaliers but "school work" prevented me from doing so. He brought me the first Tenor pan I owned in Canada when Cavaliers visited many years ago.

The 79 year old about to celebrate 80 years 2015 Trinidad All Stars

Mr. Daniel L,

                      You know the history of All Stars, which came out in 1935 under another name, then adopted All Stars in 1939. Kudos to you.  However, your answer is incorrect.

The answer to Mr.V. Young question re 1963 South Panorama Winner is Southern Marines led by Milton Lyon and they played "'The Road " by Kitch. 2nd was Tennage Symphony led by W. Winchester and 3rd was Sundowners led by Steve Regis with " Harry and Mama " sung  by Sparrow. As to Ian's question I'm thinking Exodus ,not quite sure but it's a good Brain Teaser and quite interesting .

Very Correct Mr. Carter. Ian All Stars it is. It's Good that We Share our Panorama Historic Knowledge with Our Brothers and Sisters.


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