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Revisited - Neville Jules - The Panman who released the “BOMB” turns 82 (91 -2018) - Dalton Narine Special

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Neville Jules turned 82 (91 in 2018) last week. At the Duke Street panyard, even the young players call him Cap. They see him around Hell Yard, a shrine to pan, but can’t fully fathom his weight. Founder of Trinidad All Stars, Jules led the band and arranged its music for 25 years or so. In either capacity, Cap wasn’t easy. If he were alive, badjohn Big Sarge would tell you he owed his failed confrontations with his nemesis to band discipline. And Invaders, the Harps of Woodbrook, can testify, though begrudgingly, to his groovy road music. As sweet as a lickin’.

Cap migrated to the States in ’71, and many a band was glad, not for him, but for that.
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what about fat man allen he was brother Bywah (captain before neville)they lived next yard to hamel (88  charlotte st).        

Thanks for revisiting this story.

The pan-world needs to be reminded from time to time about the small band of young men who against all odds, created, managed and DEFENDED the PAN.  Neville "Cap", "Moustache"  Julesis without any doubt one of the greatest of them all.

Some body or group with the right sensitivity should research and produce this remarkable story in various media. PanTrinbago could spearhead such a project; help to identify the team; assist in raising funds so that the team could live while they work on the project; work out a proposal where the researchers/authors could share in profits, if there are any; identify publishers/publishing companies who will be willing, with some persuasion of course, to invest money and talent and time to make this as defining a product of Trinbago as the PAN itself has become.


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