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Trinidad & Tobago - Government may have to start from scratch on the construction of a headquarters for PanTrinbago, despite spending approximately $4 million on the existing structure at Orange Grove, Tacarigua. Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Lincoln Douglas said, in an interview yesterday, that over $40 million was estimated to have the headquarters completed. “We met last week with Udecott (Urban Development Corporation of T&T), who is the project manager, and PanTrinbago and we are currently in the process of creating new designs for the organisation,” Douglas said.
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Ole Talk, Ole Talk, Ole Talk!!!!! What is all this procrastination about? Just build the DAMN Headquarters Pan Trinbago!!!

A gas station might be a viable option for PT as it will sure to bring in much needed revenues and there will be no real reason to to do anything about making money from a pan related industry such as chroming or pan making which they have not succeeded in doing yet.

My only hope is that the government do not hand over 40$ million to PanTrinbago to construct the building.

We smarter than that Cecil!!! Me and Diaz will just take a TEN PERCENT down-payment to initiate the pro ject and when that money gone we will say WE NEED MORE than that to keep things going. Lincoln could talk all the talk he want but right now we thinking about GREENS 2014 and upping the INCOME to about $14,000,000 ....



Like yuh forgot the majority of members that take part in these discussions are  "over the hill" not much fight left, It will be nice when the young members take a more active role.

Greetings, you all aint see what is taking place , It is the government interest to start from scratch so one of their colleagues can rake in the dollars, first , There is a cost to redesign, then the double whammy, BIG BUCKS to CONSTRUCT.

The mighty SPARROW said ,'WE LIKE IT SO'


I say take back the land that they gave to Phase II and construct ah building for 20$mill. on it and save taxpayers 20$mill.

It's a gangsters paradise


I hope that the government will also declare the Steelpan our national instrument with an Act of Parliament along with the building....♪♫


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