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New York Panorama-bound Steel Orchestras struggle to consistently have their once-in-a-lifetime Performances captured, annually

New York, USA - As the reality sets in that Basement, the recording wing for WST (When Steel Talks) is only capturing at best, three steel orchestras in their panyards for this year’s New York Panorama season - the grumbling, the shaking of the heads, the vexation, and "how yuh cud do us dat - oh gawd...?" come out. Bands have no one to blame but themselves. The number of recordable days in the week has not changed in a while, and the number of Panorama-bound steel orchestras has pretty much remained constant averaging ten bands or so. NOT to mention, that said bands ALL want to be recorded preferably on the Thursday night, Wednesday for the earliest.

Issue - more orchestras than days to record.

Issue - less days than bands are ready/willing to record.

Solution - we have multiple solutions, but it would require the cooperation of the orchestras and the seeking of self-interest as a unit, meaning a steelband community. Cooperation is a bad word in NY Pan.
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Having WST use their expertise for panorama is a no-brainer, I don't know why year after year the same problems arises.

My response is extensive.  But I'll try & do it in bullet points.  1, Labor Day brings in over $1 billion annual.  2.  Pan Yards must get 1% totaling $10 million annually.  3. Mas Camps must get same 1% ($10 million) annually.  4.  Responsible individuals must be appointed to manage funds, which will be continually audited by City Controller/Comptroller.  5.  Funds must be used for permanent Pan Yards & Mas Camps, doubling as entertainment center/museum.  Another 1% (each) must go towards competitions.  Another 1% must go to WIADCA, who can then purchase a permanent residence.  Anything less than that goes to demonstrate community's ignorance of financial and political power.  Recordings of events can be televised, either with proceeds of this $1 billion, or with and/or combined with corporate sponsorship.  Some may say this is too ambitious, but please keep in mind that this $1 billion has been ongoing for at least 20 years, so do the math.

Recording the bands shortly after panorama , should be an easy solution...yet I know, nothing is easy with Pan.


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