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Nobody eh cussing DUPRES!!! Nobody eh cussing AMAR!!! Nobody eh cussing VALENTINE!!! Nobody eh cussing BYER!!! Nobody eh cussing MORANCIE!!! But everybody cussing me because I refuse to JOIN THE PARTY

The way everybody CLAIMING DISCRIMINATION in these modern times -- I CLAIMING DISCRIMINATION too!!!

Dat eh right!!!

So I am ready to file ah discrimination lawsuit against everybody: Cecil, bugs,odw, earl richards, WST, Aquil Arrindell for starting the stupidness and whoever else meh lawyer decide to add to the lawsuit.

Nobody eh trying to force none ah the LOSING CANDIDATES to join this "LOSING" ADMINISTRATION!!!

But the PARTY MEMBERS on THIS FORUM single me out for SPECIAL ABUSE!!! Just because I don't want to JUMP ON AH TOBAGO BOAT!!!

Look!!! I have been against THIS PRESIDENT since 2012!!! And my position remains THE SAME!!!

And all who calling it disrespect, ah have ah message for dem: KEITH DIAZ is STILL RUNNING PAN TRINBAGO!!!

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Claude!!! If you feel you have been discriminated by POSTERS on this FORUM, It is Ok for you to FILE a LAWSUIT. But do not do use Pantrinbago and Pan Players Monies to pay Attorneys fees as Forteau did.

Earl Richards: Your response was SO BRILLIANT that I told my lawyer to drop your name from the list of DEFENDANTS.

I have a CONTINGENCY DEAL with the attorneys because they are so sure that we are going to win so ah doh have to do like FORTEAU and dem and put up no PAN TRINBAGO MONEY.

Cecil does drive ah BIG FANCY LUXURY CAR -- and in a few months time I will be driving that!!!

Ah giving bugs ah break because when he came to America he get bold and went and play YANKEE FOOTBALL. The next thing you know he get ah MAJOR CONCUSSION -- so ah going easy on him.


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