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ON A HEAVIER NOTE: Who do you think is going to be the next PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO?

Take a risk PAN FANS and tell us whom you think will win Sunday's upcoming election!!!

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Claude the Steel Band members will vote Mr. Diaz and Pantrinbago back into power. You heard it from me first, Are we ready for change, time will tell.

Mr. Earl Richards: You and I are on the same side of the fence. But I am getting some reports that an OBEAH MAN from Tobago done tie up the elections and Beverly win!!! So we have to wait and see if DIAZ beat back OBEAH!!!

Where in Tobago? Les Couteaux?? Close to Mason Hall?? (pardon the spell, if inc.)

Yes Patrick: Les Coteaux!!! Close to Mason Hall, as Rowley will tell you. We working hard on the right brew to get the FIRST WOMAN elected to PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO. but tell dem fellahs is not an anti-woman issue. One has to bring some political skills to the game and I am not sure that this candidate is very talented in that arena.

Claude My Bro. I too feel that Diaz and His Cronies will Lead Pantrinibago again. The only way that Diaz will lose is if there is a Coup within  PANTRIBAGO. I don't care who over throws Him but He Must Go. The Visionaries have Good Intentions for Pan Future but their Support Base is not Strong enough to depose the Leadership of Pantrinbago. I am not Sexist but  I also don't think now is the Time for a Woman to take over Leadership of Pantrinbago. This too will Work against them. I think that they will have to Regroup if they have any chance to Remove Keith Diaz. My Heart Goes out to the Executive of the Visionaries. Its better to Try and Fail than Fail to Try. Its a Steep Climb My Brothers and Sister Beverley. Good Luck from the Heart.

Valentine: If the NEW VISIONARIES win you are in big trouble. You have to convince them to produce that CD with the best 12 PANORAMA SONGS EVER.

Yuh sure to make a lot of enemies after you release that CD. Bertel Gittens want 12 SONGS from BOOGSIE on the CD and nobody else. And you know who I want!!!

Claude My Bro. Bertel  is My Boy But He Breathes - Eats and Sleeps Boogsie.  Boogsie is Great a Genius I must Say, but there are Much Better Arrangers who have graced our Panorama Stage..  Claude. Do You think that Boogsie is a Better Panorama Arranger than either Bradley or Jit? In Panoramas Past when Boogsie was in His Heyday No Band was ever afraid of Boogsie,  it was Bradley - Despers and Jit - Renegades that they were all Trying to Beat. Boogsie is Mostly Winning Now because Bradley and Jit are off the Scene. He is Still a Genius. Could You Imagine if Bradley and Jit were Still around that Boogsie and even Smooth would have Won So Many Panorama?

It would be nice if the winners get a good dose of transparency, accountability, honesty and integrity. I only hope for the best. It'd be tough to get the same ting over and over cause ah fed up with the same ting over and over. May the best persons win.

This election is a referendum on CHANGE, I expect those who want more of the same to continue with the present administration. Those who want CHANGE will have the courage to commit to a vision beyond what they see as pan progress. They have to carry the title of THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY FOR PAN not in name only but in functionality.

CHANGE is always a challenge for those who are AFRAID or should I say FEAR to come out of their comfort zone.

Times have changed, gone are the days when those in PAN Fraternity were considered REVOLUTIONARIES who fought/stood-up for the membership. The attendance will prove if the membership are willing to make an investment in their FUTURE.

Yes, I agree. This election is a referendum on change. And I hasten to add that few expected Patrick Arnold to win the PT leadership in 1996!  

The next President of Pan Trinbago will be Keith Diaz even though I like Ramsey to win, Money talk BS walk

I am not in Trinidad, so I do not know the mood of PanTrinbago's membership.   However, this election should not be about sex, but rather about strong leadership, transparency and accountability.

Who says a woman cannot be a strong leader?   Remember Ghandi, Thatcher.....ask the German and the Israeli people,  and I can name a few more, but I know you got the picture.


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