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"One Love: How Reggae Music Inspired The World" [The MUSIC COGNOSCENTI in TRINIDAD have no clue how much WORK and DEDICATION went into making REGGAE a GLOBAL PHENOMENON]

The MUSIC COGNOSCENTI in TRINIDAD want to believe that JAMAICANS went to sleep one night and woke up next morning to discover that REGGAE MUSIC had become a GLOBAL PHENOMENON. So they are dreaming dreams that they will wake up tomorrow and 50 MILLION FANS around the world will be JAMMIN TO SOCA MUSIC -- but TING DOH HAPPEN JUST SO!!!

Now I eh no REGGAE LOVER -- but I watched that music chart its global course ... and it took decades for it to SPAN THE GLOBE.

Here is a little background story on THE JOURNEY!!!

UDISCOVER MUSIC July 2nd, 2019

"It emerged from just one island in the Caribbean, but reggae music has become a worldwide phenomenon – so pervasive that you might not even know it’s there."

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Another important factor is that where ever in the world the Jamaicans live they support Reggae,  even the Trinis try to be Jamaicans. I have met quite a few here in the UK.

Terry Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK.

Terrance: Your posting was so ON POINT!!! You met quite a few there in the UK -- but if you go to TRINIDAD or you come to AMERICA, you can meet THOUSANDS MORE.

A little GLOBAL REGGAE here for you -- FROM THE PACIFIC SIDE!!!


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