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Conflicting Reports on the Passing of Orville Wright - Educator, Performing Artist & Steelpan Supporter

When Steel Talks extends well-wishes to the family and friends of Orville Wright in this trying time.

Pan Times apologizes to the Steelpan fraternity and the friends and family of Orville Wright, and to Mr. Wright himself, for the possibly imprecise report.  The multiple, usually dependable sources of information maybe inaccurate, and consequently at this time there are many conflicting reports.

Once again, sincerest apologies!

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Oh No...not another again so soon. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Orville on this unexpected passing. Apart from all the renowned works of Orville. He has been a regular adjudicator at our Toronto Panorama (Pan Alive) for quite a number of years. On behalf of all of us from Canada our deepest sympathy. Rest In Peace brother Orville your contribution to the the Pan movement is immeasurable


I first met Orville in 1974 when he was arranging for the Modern Sounds steelband in Boston and he was at Berklee.  It was a pleasure playing his music during the 1974 Boston Carnival.  I last saw him at the Copley Hotel in May 1991 when I returned to Boston for a convention and he was jamming on the piano with his band.  I never saw him again but I always thought I would run into him somewhere and we would chat about the fun we had in Boston.  What a shock!  My condolences to his family.

Ron Emrit



This information is very premature.  Orville is gravely ill, but he has not yet passed.  It is extremely hard on the family to add this "rumour" to what they are currently dealing with. I trust that WST will do a quick "mea culpa" Thank you. 

Ian Jones

Thank you Ian ...it certainly is a great relief and just gives time to offer a prayer. Stay up Orville


Are you the Scholar/Footballer Ian Jones, from QRC?


                                                                                                          Ian Franklin

Ian, it is I.

Mr. Jones,

                    I saw you on a T&T television broadcast of QRC'S alumni' and remembered the name Ian Jones.

You know after not hearing your name since the early 1960's, something just connected.

I am sorry that whoever gave the infomation about Mr. Wright to WST was not validated before posting.  When I posted the news about the late Mr. Franklyn Ollivierra, I made sure that the info was indeed correct and still waited another two hours before committing.                                                    

Can you send me your E Mail address, or call my majic jack # (954) 380-4590. I want to tell you why I addressed you as a Scholar and not a mere footballer.







Orville Wright is still alive. I concur with Ian Jones by saying that this post is very much premature. I just spoke with some very close friends of ours who just visited with him and he is still alive. Please make the appropriate correction.

i95.5fm news this morning stated that he passed. not sure yet but that was said.

on their website it now states that he is alive and was recently hospitalised. they apologised for the error.

This is a very difficult time for the Wright family, hoping they accept WST apology. I wish MR Wright a speedy recovery, god bless.

I'm really happy that you are still in the world!


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