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I don't know of another country that has their own family of instruments, how come none of our top performers never use a steelband to accompany their music? not even those that compose songs for the steelband, maybe our big brake will come when we learn to fuse the both of them. We could start with every song compose for panorama be accompanied by a steelband.

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From a musical perspective, I actually prefer a pan tune to have conventional instruments backing up the vocalist because then it opens up the interpretive possibilities by anyone who arranges it, in how they voice each section and represent the instrumental aspect. If there were already a steelband backing it up, I think that openness would be lost...

However I cannot stand to hear MIDI pan on anything, much less a pan tune. If it is necessary to have a pan line in the arrangement, use a real pan! You're singing about the plight of the panman but you can't hire one to play on the track? 

Noah, If there is sheet music for the tune it is up to who ever is using it to interpret how ever they want. The thing is to get the public accustom to hearing steelbands  with vocals doing any kind ah music. 

Ces . dis is ahnodder area wey loudly stating de case fuh de amplifying of the Pans . . Dis was done very successfully wid Pan Vibes  an 3rd World . bac den de noise levels wasnt as high as it is now . tuh me is totally mbarassin tuh see Steelbands in Town , Carnival Days , up high , an yuh cyah hear de muzic . Dat is de glue in de Fusion . . 

Wayne, I hear what you are saying, the idea is to get people to use a steelband as they would a conventional band, we boast that the pan could play anything, how come people composing music for the pan use other instruments? that's stupid.

I am not promoting amplified steelbands, the PHI or the Epan but I can see how how the PHI and E-pan could be used to accomplish what I an suggesting.

Jimmy Buffet and Robbie for the past 20 years touring the world with Robbie being the star on the pan.

Garvin my concern is not Pan but Steelband music, all kinds.

Will be at Newport (the mother of all Jazz Festivals), this weekend.  Hope that our beloved instrument(s) get showcased with some band.  Maybe Andy Narell might do a guest appearance with Pacquito.

Masai, I think Andy is in Africa.

Cecil: Yuh singlehandedly have the page buzzing boi. Yuh should be in the STEELBAND hall of fame.

Aye Claude, it is hard to sleep in the night knowing how steelband was and how it is now and people saying them days gone. The steelband come like the bastard child that no one want, no one is looking for ways to let the steelband get a piece of the carnival action, it's a sad tale.

I want to thank Cecil Hinkson for bringing this thought forward again at this time in the continuing development of our national instrument and the myriad of wonderful things that would come out of it. Our next move is to act on it "NOW." The time is NOW for us to explore and implement what is needed to take it to the next levels. The best approach would be to start at home, in T&T. One of the reasons why is that, those who are looking on from outside of T&T would follow suite. TRUST ME, they would, for a mere reason that HERE is where it all started, in T&T. And the respect would grow as we progress along this path of putting our national instrument to its highest height where it belongs. But we must start at home in T&T. Again thank to Mr. Hinkson for share this Successful idea.

Ken, thanks for your kind words, you are correct in stating the things should start in T&T but waiting for that to happen is going to be a task because they feel that everything is alright. All we could do on this site is show them what's wrong,  try to suggest solutions and hope that someone act on them.


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