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The Era of Own Tune in Panorama is Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past. This Year  Most of the Wise Bands Went to Panorama with Popular Soca Pieces and Were Successful

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Why was the pan song started in the first place? so we are going back to how it was before. Steelbands always played popular soca pieces, only a few bands played pan songs. The fact remains that soca artiste do not compose their music with the steelband in mind, so if for the past couple of years bands chose those tunes is really nothing new, I know of one band that will continue the compose it's own music. The big thing here is that Soca artiste have started making songs with nice melodies. No more wet she down, wet she down. Jam she bamC. HALLELUJAH.

Pan Trinbago started the Pan Calypso competition.

Sprangalang explains...

Own compositions have over the years suffered from a degree of self-indulgence and a lack of airplay. It happened to Ray and now Boogsie.

It boils down to the fine line between simplicity and symphony. Pan on de run and pan on de move were really calypsoes composed by an arranger. O’Trinidad and “If We Really Want” were also along the same lines; but then came “We just can’t go on like this”. IMHO far too intricate for panorama.

But I love them all the same.

Who knows what the future holds?

I'm a Phase 2 fan and the problem I saw this year and last was the fact that Boogsie release the songs to damn late. There was absolutely no connection from the massives with his music. You have people asking what Phase 2 playing few days before Pan Prelims while all the other bands had already cemented there ground work. Nothing wrong with having your own composition you just have to be aware that the longer you take to release more damage you create for your band. Plus in my opinion Red White and Black is a nice tune but it was just to flat. There was nothing exciting to catch onto. You can't underestimate Sharp but at the same time music on the whole is changing. Who knows but maybe next year he might just play someone else tune.

michel joseph, NEVER...

The video remake was more appealing...

Phase II Pan Groove - Red, White & Black (Official Music Video) | 2017 Music Release


This tune might peak for the late summer Panoramas in NY, London etc, lol!

All joking aside, though, this is a good tune, definitely capable of sustaining a championship Panorama performance.

So what happened this year with Boogsie this year remains a mystery that only he in the end can sort out... the issue being, not that he didn't win, but that his usually consistent quality offering simply wasn't there.

One thought, only hinted at in the otherwise extensive discussion thus far, is that either commerce or "politics" or both have entered into the arena. The integrity of the art and artist is hard to maintain when it is under that kind of insidious and corrosive assault.

Stalin has given us two strategies. One is to Bu'n Dem. The other is More Love. A fork in the road presents itself to the artist. What did Yogi Berra say: when you come to the fork in the road, take it!

Whether to the left or to the right, it's up to the artist. But it does seem that the artist's own muse is giving him a wake-up call....

It disturbs but does not surprise me that there may be forces at work -- Babylon in one form or another -- that seek to capture a whole folk art, one artist at a time ...

-Big Sid

Never, Never! All Boogsie has to do is compose a soca tune(and he can) get a popular singer and come out earlier. He has proven that he can arrange any style. Remember when he won ALL  zones and national in one year(1988) and also the pan around the neck(Skiffle Bunch) with emphasis on different genres of arrangement. So this idea of  'own tunes out' is  just by the way..

Cecile I was only saying ,lol. I know he would never do that. But we also have to look at the fact that other arrangers have studied the old heads well and you can begin to see a shift in power.

Cecil, Always remember never say never for anyone's ideas. You can say it for you. Actually there is already talk that Boogsie has decided to go with what was termed "traditional calypso" . It is rumour so far because it has not been given publicly. But rumour sometimes contain the truth in a hidden form. My suggestions in another post is that Boogsie should simply draw a few (about 3) melody lines with a strong refrain. Then give that to a very well known soca artiste in the top category- a winner soca artiste. If Phase ll still has Hadco sponsors they could well afford to record and market the song very early so that it hits all the fetes. The artiste in question should create the rhythm tracks, write the lyrics, choose the electronic instruments and the recording studio of his or her choice. Why? They know the business of recording a good soca song more than Boogsie. Also, the refrain (chorus) lines (not the actual melody) the artiste should be allowed to play with so that the song will be liked by him or her. It is the refrain lines that counts in the modern soca hits. The ones that people can catch on to and remember instantly like "we jamin still". All other lines just fuels this one refrain. That is the modern soca hit ingredients. In this way the pan bands and the soca bands can play it. It is not a pan song. It is simply a soca song by the artiste. Boogsie's name should not be mentioned but under contract will gain royalties. In this way people don't associate it with Boogsie and Phase ll. But Boogsie stands to gain royalties each time it is played here and abroad and at the same time could be played by other steelbands. This requires a special collaboration contract to be drawn up. The other simple way is to simply select a perceivedl hit soca song by a popular artiste. On J'ouvert morning Phase ll played MX Prime super hit. Everyone immediately said this should have been the choice of tune. We passed by Allstars yard playing it. So this tells everyone this is where we have to go from now on. Valentine Young is absolutely correct. The melody lines have returned to what they used to be in the fifties and sixties- very simple and sweet.

Steve yuh talking like if Boogsie did something wrong he hatta hide and compose music, all that is BS in my opinion, Boogsie living in T&T he sees what's happening, one year the man song did not go down good and people talk like if he  lost it. I don't care what the talk is Boogsie ain't going with nobody music, doing that will only prove that he lost it and that aint happen yet. He has worked with Alvin, Pelham, Macheal, Stalin or are these people nul and void these days.

The ones that people can catch on to and remember instantly like "we jamin still". All other lines just fuels this one refrain.

Sidd: If you listen very carefully to "GOOD MORNING" and "FULL EXTREME" you will hear MULTIPLE HOOKS in both songs. And BOOGSIE just cannot go to a popular composer and say MAKE A HIT FOR ME and the next thing you know they are dominating the carnival airwaves with the song. Popular music is HIT or MISS -- until the public decides!!!


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