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Did anyone at QPS feel the earthquake about 1:25AM in the middle of All Stars?  I was on stage taking pictures of All Stars.  The only thing I felt was the vibrations from All Stars bases...

When I came off stage, one of the other photographers asked me if I felt anything.  He said some people in the Grand Stand felt what they thought was an earthquake. 

I checked the UWI site this morning, and sure enough, there was one, about 4.9 to the northwest of Trinidad, felt in Glencoe among other places.  Since then I talked to a couple of friends in the Grand Stand who said they felt it.


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That's the power of Trinidad All Stars! ... My cousin in Arima & a few friends from the hill, felt it also- Tremours from the Quake, that is! Lol

that was the Bounce and Drive

Ground work for "More Love" in preparation for the after "shock attack"!! Lol

nice lol

 yes it was the prleude to the phase 2 earthquake

 felt big time is st james

That was GOD shaking his head saying to All Stars, NO NO, NOT THIS YEAR WITH THAT AGAIN!!!!

That was the strength of All Stars saying we have the Power in our pans win lose or draw first second or third

YES !  Like this attitude.  Play pan or be a pan fan for the LOVE OF PAN !  Don't concentrate on the score or applause...just do it and feel the vibes. 

well said..Only GOD can Judge we


I was on the western side of the Grand Stand when I also  felt it in the middle of All Stars performance.  The Lord Kitchener is indeed a prophet of Pan.  I dont want to be there for the Bees Melody. LOL


That goes to show that the Grand Master was a Boss,remember that he told us about that Earthquake some years ago.

Its an earthquake all right, each year for Carnival, the island of Trinidad sinks 1 inch with the weight of the pans on the move and all the incoming flights :)


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