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So this is what your $700 buys you at Pan Splash: the usual t-shirt, cup, food and drinks AND your TICKET...however our entire Pan Splash area is private including a private entrance so you don't have to fight to get inside. Food court and premium drinks bar is also private, and can only be accessed by Pan Splash members.
There will be a 70 foot pool inside the area for you to splash and don't worry we have a bess filtration system to keep things clean. We have private showers, locker rooms and toilets so you don't have to share with the rest of the pan attendees.
Our party runs from midday to midnight and has a jumbotron and performances with the PHI pan. You are welcome to bring your swim suit because we'll be splashing. Now if that ain't sounding like a bess event, nothing will!

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Sounds like next year we will have the Miss Universe Show 2015 at the Greens.

Trust Trini inventiveness ... Lord don put ah hand! yuh don kno.  Lol 

BIG pay day for a few.


BIG NO TO SPLASHORAMA  during PANORAMA......whether or not it is money-making......These are the things they could try after Carnival.....The Organization  needs to have events during to year to make money....What about the 8 of Hearts and Pillars of Pan.....Oh...please put a hand......

PAN SPLASH: The sound that the Steelband Movement makes, as it falls from grace, into the cesspool of semi-solid duck shit, known as "De Greens". ALL (SO-CALLED) "PAN LOVERS" NEED TO BOYCOTT PANORAMA NOW!!! REJECT THIS CLASS WAR NOW!!! (Or go down on the WRONG SIDE of Steelband History! NO STRADDLING OF FENCES ALLOWED!!!!! That includes you "leaders" in the steelbands.)

George D Goddard, on the "Pan Splash Pool Party" on De Greens.

Why not have this pool-splash event at Pier One.Folks who know  what a real Rama is must certainly be offended by this disrespect to the National Instrument. If there was a cricket series at the Oval would this type of side-show be entertained?

It is very clear that like Trinidad and Tobago society, race and class are what will eventually destroy the Steelband Movement. Andy Narell and his elitist group of pan celebs are no more than self-seeking opportunists, who continue to align themselves with each other, as they snuff out the masses, and claim to be the "future of pan". They do not like me, because I expose them for who they are, and what they represent. Happiest pan, my ass! How about if ALL pans have equal happiness, rather than those of these elitists, with their arrogance and assumptions of entitlement.

Andy Narell continues to prove himself to be one of the BIGGEST threats to a culture he claims to love. ALL he "loves" is the attention and exaltation he gets. Indigisounds NEVER cared about pan, and when I expose them, you would see that the "too dark" standards apply to the steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago. Marcel Montano as the "future of pan"? Really? Our local Justin Bieber as a "role model" for our young men? Really? Bigging up these young celebs like Kes, who openly admit they do not have pan in their music because they "don't want the stigma"? And we support them here on WST, and place pan's future in their hands? People who have NEVER done ANYTHING for the local steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago? REALLY? Proves that talent and intellect are independent attributes. Money and celebrity status are not related to principle and morals. What an unprincipled, immoral bunch!

FUTURE OF PAN = 1 White American pan player + 1 Self-hating Afro-Trinbagonian non pan player+ 1 Indo-Trinbagonian, non pan playing lover of electronics (not pan). These are the ELITISTS! 

Stay tuned; I'm doing some research on Indigisounds. What I am uncovering is EYE-OPENING! Black people in Trinidad and Tobago need to wake up! Indigisounds lead straight to Germany; as does Andy Narell. So, ♫when something's strange in your neighbourhood♫who you gonna call♫

Ghost. The Buster♫♪♫ (I ain't fraid of no ghost. Just these parasites, looking for a host.)

Why do you always bring race into the picture, why must that overlook what each individual HAS DONE for the future of pan? Because from what I've seen, these "White American pan player" "elitists" have done more for the evolution and exposure of pan than some people who have the power to do something but refuse to do anything because they're stuck in the old days. Provide ways we can prove better, ACT UPON THEM, and then talk; but this racial divide you're insinuating does absolutely nothing to benefit pan.


A boss event but not at our Panorama semi final show. Whosoever is providing advice definitely has no no understanding of The Panorama competition, yes, they may project plenty income, but it definitely is not for the PAN PLAYER.

Let us consider the PROS and the CONS of this Project.


Can provide an income of say, 25,000 paying patrons x $700.00= $17,000,000.00, Based on the area of the fence ,it is about four times larger than what they had last year.

With this profit margin, bands should not have to lose 10% of the earnings anymore, whether it is Prize monies as stated in PT's constitution, or from appearance fees or assistance to bands. Remember members, back in the day when the io% deductions were put in place was to assist in offsetting various operating costs which were not provided to the Organisation. But since the executive have decided to hold a big fete next to our Panorama competition and they are making money. Then, Why is this 10% still being deducted from band's funds.

Another to the members bands should be give a bonus to the performing bands as follows:

Conventional bands (large) $25,000.00) each.

Conventional bands semifinalists (medium) $20, 000.00 each

Conventional bands semifinalists (small) $10,000.00

Single pans   Semifinalists  $7000.00 each. 

All other participating bands who did not qualify for the Semi- final round, say five Thousand dollars each. The total would evolve at around $2,500, 000.00)


Since there is no transparancy and accountability by the executive of Pan Trinbago, we will never be provided with a statement of accounts for the project, which should be provided within two months from the day of the Panorama semi- final competition. Member bands  have not received the numbers from 2013 to date.

Because of the extensive area of this Party, I am positive that the  Sound Systems that will be needed for the event will definetly affect the competing bands on stage. Obviously no respect for our National Instrument. remember,memberbands and players when we were forced to stop playing music on the track at least 100 metres before the stage, because the sound affected the competition, then it was increased to 200 metres with the traffic light system put in place?

The area has been extended so much that there will be the entire police force and Fire Services to control the expected crowd.

Having a 70 foot pool, There must be plenty life guards to prevent disasters. 

The Pan players and the competiting member bands must benefit from any event of this nature. Where is all this money going?, we must show an interest in our affairs.

Trevor, The President said on a Radio Pan Show two weeks ago that he took 2013 Greens Profits to pay off debts he inherited from before he came into office. The question is which debts the Ministry of Arts and Mulitculturalism are paying off for Pan Trinbago now, as stated by the Minister last evening in a media conference????? With all those millions spending, could the Pan Headquarters be built? I guess not!


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