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This morning, 23rd February 2015, 9.00am in the Court of Appeal, Hall of Justice, Port of Spain, the decision on the appeal by Pan Trinbago’s Executive against the decision of Justice Rahim was given.

The three learned justices after perusing the constitution of Pan Trinbago and all documents - dismissed the Executive’s appeal on all aspects. Our members of the New Visionaries are now eligible to contest the Central Executive Elections of Pan Trinbago.

Further details will be provided when a written copy of the judgment is received.

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Outstanding, now we just have to wait for an election date to be set. I sincerely hope that a clean sweep can be made of the present Executive and do hope that the new Executive will do the right things for Pan and Panists not themselves.

Finally we will get a new body to represent panmen.I just wrote an article a couple days ago wondering when will this decision  will be made by the courts to get a new  body to represent PAN PLAYERS and I got my answer today. Bye Bye.


Great news and change is good. It is time to get some new breed and youthful heads to lead. I am sure they will have new and innovating ideas to send the steelband movement into a new century. One idea I am suggesting to cut back on a nine hour Panorama finals  like we had on carnival Saturday by combining the large and medium category into one and have fifteen bands in the finals. It will be very interesting and with the high standard in the medium coming from Pan Elders,the Tobago bands,Couva  Joylanders and a few others I am sure will put some fear in the usual large dominating bands. Also combine the prize money from the large and medium and have a larger pool to work on. We all know that Diaz and his old heads will not go for this great idea because they have ties to the well known seasoned large bands in the north. You notice I am not naming any of those bands here. Anyhow congrats to all the winners in 2015 and hopefully next year we will get full and better coverage of all panorama events all over the island including Tobago.     

You are "sure they will have new and innovating ideas" etc. Can you name one or two? Diaz and his old heads "have ties to the well known seasoned large bands" Isn't it safe to assume that 'others' have ties to other bands as well?

Your idea to 'cut back' panorama finals time is well taken. It is not enough for these medium bands to "put some fear" into the large bands, but that they may be judged fairly.

Yea we do indeed need new blood in the system but change for change sake is not enough.

We need an executive with business savvy to run the organization as for-profit entity.

Run it as a business and not an old boys association. Make sure to treat the public and pan players with the respect they deserve.

Put a plan in place to engage the Multicultural ministry to get a proper headquarters and museum. We have enough history now to put on display and attract world-wide attention.

How about a Hall of Fame for the true soldiers from the past eras.

This will give them a new life and be a good tool to pass on the knowledge to the younger generation.

Induction to the Hall as part of the Panorama final night?? This can have ties to the UoTT music curriculum.

Ok people we must first have an election.

Cecil, we can't put the cart before the horse. Lets plan on the election first , then move forward

Sense in a nutshell. Change for change sake is not enough. It must be run as a business, a real business. Thank you for your sane comment.

We MUST have an international steelband festival, just like the Jazz festivals etc, not a competition.

Anthony Corbin, Let's wait and see how this World Panorama comes off in August.

New Visionaries, what's next?


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