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Pan Trinbago Execs should be stepping down, not "Jamming STILL"

It has been reported that a prominent management executive of one of Trinidad's leading steel orchestras said a short time ago, that Pan Trinbago is blowing a "smoke screen" and is trying to "renege" on their agreement that allowed Panorama to go forward in the first place, on the condition that Pan Trinbago called Elections within ninety days of Carnival 2017 (presumably the conclusion of the festival). 

So, to call elections, would mean the Pan Trinbago board has to step down. But the tone of this press release from the PRO Michael Joseph, the way he ends it,

As we continue the mammoth task of building, clearing and cleaning a tarnished image coming out of this 2016/2017 onslaught, that still have some people that are prone to mischief, and confusion, and cannot find peace within themselves, continuing their crusade of self destructiveness. We continue the struggle to build a strong and economically viable foundation for the future of the Steelpan fraternity. We have come this far, where Cowards flinch and Traitors sneer, we take a pride in our liberty, and we Jamming STILL!

certainly does not point to a Board that is stepping down anytime soon.

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MakeItPlain: You just MAKE IT PLAIN and simple for all the readers on this forum (with open eyes) to see that no board eh stepping down anytime soon!!!

STRICTLY OLE TALK on this forum!!!

Also,I still need to see proof of any wrongdoing ,in BLACK AND WHITE,so far it's all TALK AND HEARSAY. PEACE AND LOVE.

It's kinda silly to expect PT executives to just walk away from their jobs. Get real people.

I expect this cleaning up exercise would include clearing the debt of $300.00 to each player who played in the Semi-Finals of Panorama 2016.

Hm!!! "We jammin' still" and now everything has become congested.

 pan trinbago is not the port authority board

 they will be jammin still for quite a while

 lets see when ncc has the prize giving

PT executives want we to 'leave them alone ' cause 'dey ent going home ' and 'dey jammin still '. Leh we see who serious now that panorama done.

The removal of Pan Trinbago's Central Executive is not a decision that can be made by pan players (e.g., Dale Gulston, etc.) but by the representatives (managers, captains, etc.) of steelbands who vote on behalf of steelbands. For the most part, their silence so far has been deafening! 

It's pitiful to see and hear supposedly educated men getting up on soap boxes and ramajaying about "My Integrity"....when they know they are defending a cesspool of negligence,incompetence,mismanagement and possibly corrupt activities,and want to bedazzled the citizens,with their media blitz of unrefined BS.....and still claim  "We Jamming Still"

 They are so unprepared to "JAM" that the Auditor's Report they produce as the evidence of their sterling leadership,is actually evidence of their burning desire to hold on to power,and their penchant to believe their own misinformation.

Actually the hook they should use is," WE DOH BUSINESS "

People, Talk is Cheap,up to NOW I have not seen any concrete proof of wrong doing by Pan Trinbago. It makes me wonder if certain entities,are not just envious of the type of finances that the Pan Trinbago executives handle each year,and they want to be the ones handling it. HMMM,BLESSINGS.

Morning Glory: There was EXTREME WRONG DOING by Pan Trinbago AND certain entities are just envious of the type of finances that Pan Trinbago executives handle each year and they want to be the ones handling it. But I do not think that the new entities will STEAL AS MUCH as KEITH DIAZ DID.

However, they will be just as incompetent!!!

And that's gospel truth!!!

Claude,,,I hear you pardner,,,,but if that's the case it could end up worse than ever before! We will see eventually,one way or another. Blessings.


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