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PAN TRINBAGO is a SILLY NAME, anyway!!! So DR. DOLLY should declare bankruptcy and dissolve the corporation. Rewrite the constitution and form a NEW CORPORATION with a more meaningful name!!!

THE INTERNATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION (now defunct) -- that is a STRONG and meaningful name!!! So they could have a GLOBAL CONTEST to come up with a good name for the NEW CORPORATION and give the winner a FIRST RATE TENOR PAN. The name should express GLOBAL OWNERSHIP of the PAN by TRINIDAD and TOBAGO.

The NEW EXECUTIVE just CANNOT consist of PAN MEN. And TRANSPARENCY has to be built into the organization.

It would be a crime to put this LIFELESS organization through three years of litigation and further stagnancy while THE INSTRUMENT flourishes across the GLOBE with HIGH-LEVEL LEADERSHIP.

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OH!  the games people play.

Transparency sir? Why would you want to suggest that transparency should be built into an organization whose sitting president and CEO, its leader, has been described on national television by The CIP as being transparent? 

Hema: "So you have no issue with KEITH DIAZ being part of this transitional team?"

Gregory: "Mr. Diaz has decided to step down! He was very transparent WHEN he realized that the executive collapsed and although we have been adversaries for the last 18 months when he saw the light at the end of the day is about the membership and the association."

Are you seriously recommending that the PAN fraternity surrenders its right to organize and choose its own leadership to a government, any government? However bad you think the current situation is, it remains the sovereign right of the people in PAN to resolve the differences and come up with solutions.


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