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Pan Trinbago Nomination Day Rescheduled to August 29

Pan Trinbago Inc. would like to inform its members that Nomination Day for election of officers (Central Executive) is Wednesday August 29, 2018 and on Saturday August 25 as originally stated.


This change is to facilitate members who have not received their nomination papers.


Financial members are asked to submit their nomination papers at Pan Trinbago’s Head Office, Victoria Park Suites, 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.


Election of Officers to the Central Executive for the 2018 -2021 term will be held on Sunday September 16 at the East Mucurapo Secondary School, Mucurapo Road, St. James.


In keeping with Article 10 – Elections – of the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc. (1986) ..

“Only members of the General Body as are in good standing may be eligible for election to any office of the Association”.




“Any delegated member of a financial steelband or any outgoing Central Executive Committee member shall be eligible to any office of the Association”


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Somebody playing mad. Pan Trinbago has joined the order of the anyhowers? Who sent out that notice with no signiture? Allyuh feel is ring ah ring ah roses, or hide and seek? D boy make ah deal with the NCC, called ah failed meeting, fly out to London the next day laughing, and leave the CIP incharge of the organization. His madness knows no bound. I wonder how big men and women, could allow themselves to be manipulatied by such a diabolical individual.

Mr. Joseph: KEITH DIAZ is not a diabolical individual. Mr. Keith Diaz is the GREATEST POLITICIAN in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. And I did not just make that assessment today!!!

Mr Joseph, since when did Mr Diaz became a diabolical individual?

When Mr Serette, Aquil,and Cindy resigned,at every regional meeting the Executive called for the express purpose of defending the accusations against Mr Diaz,you Bro Scobie, were very vocal in his defense.

CIP has protested against the treatment meted out to Mr Kellman by the Executive,and you know what Mr Joseph? Your silence can drown out all the bands playing together in a large band final.

Some people wondered if as Mr Diaz is being looked upon as a lame duck,as his 3 year term comes to an end,and he cannot continue to create positions, and hand out contracts to executive members,

Bro Scobie can you remember this 2017 Meme? It predicted that Mr Forteau was going to offer up Mr Diaz, as the sacrificial lamb. 


Pal, how he leave the CIP in charge? As far as i reading, he left Mr. Salvador in charge. I though he was a member of your crew. Like alyuh can control alyuh own or what? 

But i am agreeing with you more than often these days.

What kind of madness going here?

This is not ah fete in here it is madness. The President went to London, Pan Trinbago paying for that trip??

WHO said it?


Pantrinbago / Tuesday, November 29, 2016
/ Categories: Public Relations Officer


"Steelpan, oh what an invention, it should be the pride of our nation, but what ah seeing, lord it have mih grieving, why is the Steel bands still suffering?  (Merchant 1985)."

"The present executive under the leadership of brother Keith Diaz, have embarked on an industrial, commercial and globalization thrust which is slowly but surely taking shape and getting off the ground."

"Pan Trinbago presents an audited statement of accounts to its membership, and copies are sent by the secretary to the line ministry and other relevant agencies as soon as it is ratified and passed at its annual conference held for that purpose once a year. All allegations of misappropriation and corruption made by the former vice president who served for over seven years, are malicious, unfounded and unfortunate."

"Pan Trinbago takes its mandate very seriously, and frowns on anyone try to bring its good name and the members of its hard working executive into public odium and disrepute. We have our challenges as all other. But we have always served the best interest of those who voted us into office. The organization cannot be accused of corruption if two misguided workers are found selling complimentary tickets at panorama, or letting people pass through a back gate for a fee. "

"Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C, has now established a drum assembly factory that is producing a special type of drum for the instruments, and saving the Tuners from the chemically poisonous drums of the past. Outside of the global thrust, a number of initiatives are in the pipeline that is geared towards our self-sufficiency. Distractions by one over ambitious individual cannot and would not be allowed to impede progress as we continue to build a strong and economically successful Steelpan Industry to the benefit of our members and country."

"Pan Trinbago remains an ambitious and progressive organization that is intent on building an image that reflects its status as the World Governing Body for the Steelpan. Any and all assets acquired by the organization is geared toward such end."

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael L Joseph

PUBLIC Relations Officer

Pan Trinbago Inc.


STEUPS!, Please remember Pan Trinbago INC. are the Member Bands and their representatives, who elected a committee to handle the affairs of the organisation on their behalf. All the members on the committee are responsible for the mismanagement of the Tax payers funds. This is MUTINY in normal terms You all are qwing your Bands in the region of $23,000,000.00 dollars and you dare say that quote "Pan Trnibago remains an ambitious and progressive organisation". In  whose eyes?


Michael: They real getting you VEX, boy!!! And nobody eh doing NOTHING about it!!

Married to the mob, orange jump suits for dem gangsta's, will make PAN great again. Who is the G.O.A.T???

odw: A man like you who has devoted so much time to THE MUSIC -- your heart must be breaking to see the disastrous pit of corruption and ineptitude that PAN TRINBAGO has fallen into.

Ah know that Cecil Hinkson for sure have ah broken heart and bending his head in shame. Because he had such high hopes for PAN and to watch this MELTDOWN must be killing that man in his old age.

And what about Bertel Gittens? I am sure that he is LOSING SLEEP. Especially see Beverley running for PRESIDENT again. Eh, Bertel!!!

Keep allyuh chin up!!! Things might TURN AROUND!!!


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