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Pan Trinbago owes panists $2m for Pan is Beautiful XII

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Musical conductor Akua Leith leads Clico Sforzata Steel Orchestra in the performance of the tune-of-choice Jupiter—The Bringer of Jollity composed by Gustav Holst during Saturday’s preliminaries of Pan Is Beautiful XII, National Steelband Music Festival held at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-SpainTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago still owes $2.1 million in prize money and trophies to steel orchestras and participants of the Pan is Beautiful XII national steelband festival, held in November 2013. Now five months since the competition, the participating steel bands intend to meet on Thursday 24 April 2014 to decide on what action they should take against festival organisers. The meeting will be hosted at the pan yard of third-place winners in the Single Pan Bands category, ‘D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires, who are owed TT$70,000.

Pan Trinbago’s other creditors from the competition include first place winners in the Orchestras’ category, Codrington Pan Family; Golden Hands, winners of the Ensembles category and solo pannist Joshua Jabari Bedeau, who won the Soloists finals. Emond Berkeley, an executive member of the ‘D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires, explained that it was only after the festival had ended, that “Pan Trinbago people told us that they did not get the money from the ministry.” 
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And they have only 2 chances of getting paid, slim and none.  Is this what is going to happen for the participants of the International Panorama too, or would they be looking for a handout from the Government again. Sad, so very sad !! 

May I add another question? WHERE ARE THE PROFITS FROM THE GREENS 2014? And we STILL havent heard anything of where the profits from the GREENS 2013 went too!

Steups!!!!!!!!!!!Everyday, is de same thing over and over. PAN, you could paint it, you could chrome it...........same difference. "Pan is Beautiful", yes, but there is a lot to be said about 'de peeple' who control the panman.

But it lookin like dey ent give dem.

Ah wonder which is de bigger disgrace? If de government promise and den doe come forward, or if PT get de money an doe wan pay it out!


I believe that the government NEVER promise PT any money and the Pres. lie to the bands to get them to perform.

Unfortunately, until the bigger picture is realized (all stake holders)  where collectively effort is made to place pan (instrument) in its proper perspective, that is where all other instruments exist, in the musical milieu, pan will continue to exist like goverment, scratching to survive. How can this wonderful instrument fulfill it's real pontential, when it's used as a seasonal tool?? It's interesting, in the wider world a greater effort is being made to use  the pan as an instrument and not just a show piece. As Mr. B. Sharpe, panist, arranger et.al., supreme once said, "not enough is being done for pan"

Why does the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism have to speak to Pan Trinbago  before he make a statement? it's either he promised the  money or not.

It looks like Diaz have to tell him what to say.

The gangsta behavior continues.  So what does the Prime Minster have to say on the matter?


Aye Bugs it look like Diaz is the DON of the Mecca.

So it's like the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism is playing the role of the Godfather.

Remember he back the POOL...


WST forum keep stoking the fire.....this issue reaching a high point in TT...

I don't understand this issue at all!!!!!! De effing GOVERNMENT giving pan trinbago assholes de money, ent????? SO, it is DEM, who letting Diaz an dem get away with dis shit!!! I give up on allyuh APATHETIC SHITHONGS in dat asshole country! MAKE JACK WARNER PRIME MINISTER! Allyuh ASSHOLES!


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