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The truth:

1. It is time you come to your senses and add American musicians as Judges into Panorama as you've done in past music festivals.

2.Why? Some of the Trinidad Judges are not honest, creative or observant. They all have bands they support and you can see them in the pan yards smiling and drinking with the arrangers and leaders.

3. Example: AllStars  Steel Orchestra recycle the same introduction and arrangements every year and they fail to recognize this.

4. Go to YouTube and listen to their 2013 and 2014 introductions along with this year's 2015 song and you will find the same two note chords phrase. According to  The Mighty Chalkdust it's the same "BLUE PRINT" with different songs.

5. Your organization makes a lot of chatter about change and new technology yet you're using the same judging system every year.

6. I agree with Boogsie Sharpe on too many single pan bands. You are going back to the 1945 era.

7. There is too much competition in a short period of time. Pan Around the Neck  panorama should be held on Republic Day.

8. Many people think you charge too much to enter the competition hence the reason for the 2014 show low attendance

9. However, your main failure is not having  panorama on Pay-per-View throughout the the world.

10. You've also botched deals with BET and local television stations because some of your officers are more intent on asking for too much instead of taking a little and living longer.

11. It is very backward in this day and age of technology that Pan Lovers can't watch the competition on cable.

12.  Finally, panorama is excellent for the advancement of the panist musical skills and music festivals should also be updated.

I'll be back.

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I cannot understand how Invaders placed so low...8th.?

You gotta be kidding me...

Over the years ,thjs has been a regular occurrence.

I can't understand how invaders came so low or how All Stars won. WTH!
Panorama is a real joke! This is why the steelpan will remain stagnant

I am sorry to sound like a broken record but if you have the same arrangers doing the same band year after year, you will get repetitive output. In the seventies and eighties All Stars could not win with the mighty Jit played the same thing year after year and it was a Jit / Robbie competition only punctuated by Hatters. Fonclaire came with a blast and was shunned for being a South band. Even when Eddie did an outstanding performance and took All Stars to the final they could not win because he lived in the US at the time. All Stars were the only band to be asked for an encore in Panorama history. Tunes like Curry Tabanca was ground braking at the time and totally different to what was being played at the time by Renegades and Desperado's as a result, All Stars was snubbed and Smooth got disheartened. He took a 10 year hiatus from arranging, coming back to arrange what the judges wanted to hear and not what he wanted to play. What goes around comes around. Give it time it will change again.

Bravo John Dunbar for all that you have said. I totally agree with every point that you have raised. The WOEFUL judging last night at the semis was shameful!! However Pantrinbago will do nothing about it and neither will the biased judges and it will happen again at the finals - trust me on this. I cannot begin to know how disheartening it must be for bands like Invaders, Fonclaire, Renegages, Silver Stars and Exodus who all raised their performances to an excellent level last night to be beaten by All Stars and Phase 2 based on what?? Ignorance?? Bias?? Pure utter stupidity?? Pay off??
Now don't get me wrong we all have our loyalties to different bands like people for football, basketball and hockey....but even diehard All Stars fans and Phase 2 fans (of which I'm one) have to look deep and admit honestly that both these bands played the "same old...same old " riffs and passages that they have been playing for the past three or four years!! Neither bands should have gotten top marks last night ....it was WRONG!!! The sad part on all this is....Trinidadian like to talk the talk but they will never walk the walk!!

I too am an All Stars fan and I placed Fonclaire at No 1 with Renegades 2 Even Birdsong would be in my final. It is a real shame…they are just paving the way for a Phase II Victory.

Fonclaire, Tropical Angel Harps, Silver Stars and Invaders were the best of the lot LAST NITE.

Invaders also plays the same arrangement every year and the melody of their song is almost the same year after year. In this way there is no improvement in the music


Invaders went Reto this year with Baron's "This Melody Sweet" not the same from the last few years, arranger  Arddin Herbert the last few years went with Rambunction's compositions. What's interesting, they beat Despers with a 3 point difference in the semis. Lets see how they perform in the finals.

Tropical Angel Harps and Renegades….best bands at the semis...

You will never hear phase 2 with the same music every yr u feel is all stars what u listen too stupess

You are disillusioned Kirk Chase… not only does Boogsie rework his old music he also reworks other peoples work too…. Very smart of him. Jump High by Boogsie is really a rework of Witco Desperados Fire Coming Down played at a J’ouvert morning jam pace by Phase II and a slightly different tone. 


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