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This is a good start for a good cause....there comes a time....when there is a need for supporting what is good and what is right and leaving behind personal disagreements for the good of the bigger cause at hand. All communities do it,  they put aside their differences to unite and fight the bigger cause. Clearly the government of T&T is in error on this issue as so vividly expressed by the membership on this WST forum ...I have no choice but to support Pan Trinbago on this issue ...what about you ? ...Salah

Salah, it is no secret that Pan Trinbago has not been my favorite choice of ice cream over the years.  And they are still not.  But in this case, the math, intellect, fair play, common sense and a understanding of right and wrong demands that all pan people take up a position against what is being implemented by the Gypsy.  This is a pivotal moment in Trinidad and Tobago steelband history and by extension the pan world.  If the Gypsy pulls this off without a serious objection he and the TnT government will be right up there with some of the biggest gangstas in history.  And TnT pan people will be seen as some of the biggest dummies of all time.  This is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth.  This is even bigger than pan.  People outside of the pan arena should be very concern. Also, there are a lot of young people who read this forum all over the world.  It is important that we as adults not try to dumb down the youth.

Bad math is simply bad math.



Agreed Bugs, This action from the T&T government (because it is not only the Gypsy) calls for a Unanimous Unity by the worldwide Pan Community. This type of politics is not just against Pan Trinbago or the Pan but if allowed will carry over into other areas . Michael L. Joseph said it the other day ..."when your neighbor's house is on fire ...make sure you wet yours" ...but what can we do apart from airing our views on this WST forum....Here is a suggestion....There are about 7000. members on this  WST Forum. Let us send 7000 emails to the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago  letting her know how the world Pan community feels and that we are  looking at her government on this action...let us also send 7000 emails to the Gypsy, and let us also send 7000 emails to other MP's in the government including the opposition. Let this be the 'Panman' new 'bottle & stone' fight....but let us do something more than just talk on this Forum.

The brothers & sisters could assist by sending us the relative information to send these emails....it is time for some urgent ACTION ....This is one way we can show our support for Pan Trinbago on this issue...Unity & Action



Ture dat Mr. Wilson

The world is watching how Trinidad behaves on this one. Civilizations have always been judged by how they treat the arts. 

WST has a very large following on facebook also.  You might want to reach out to them also.  It is where many of the younger pan people hang out. check out WST facebook at http://www.facebook.com/whensteeltalks

Exactly; it is an effort to redistribute wealth which is what politics is all about. Politics has to do with who gets what and how much. We are no longer dealing with the PNM. The current administration is not the PNM.  It is concerned with rewarding those constituents who helped it win the elections.  Panmen have for the most part been constituents of the PNM.  So the reaction of the new administration should not be a surprise. 
I commend Pan Trinbago and the entire Steeldand community for its noble stand against this transgression by the  government.This issue ,I believe goes beyond Panorama. It attacks, disregards, and disrespect the very fabric of our cultural heritage.Is this cultural genocide??.Are we seeing the beginnings of a Cultural Holocaust aimed at people of AFRICAN ancestry?The Steelpan and steelband were born out of the struggles of our ancestors from slavery to disenfranchisement in the post slavery period. Both The steelpan and steelband is an undeniable legacy of the determination of a people to retain and protect their cultural identity for future generations. Any attack on this art form or any aspect of the carnival arts must be seen as an attack on our cultural heritage. It is therefore unbelievable that the Minister of ARTS and MULTICULTURALISM does not recognize his responsibility to ensure the steelband community be given every opportunity to celebrate this aspect of our cultural heritage.He does not seem to embrace the mandate of any MULTICULTURAL ministry to be supportive of all cultural groups and stake holders and to do so in an equitable manner.Soca monarch:-$2million,Chutney:- $2million, Panplayer:-800  Where is the justice here.Is this equitable?. I do hope THe Government will correct this injustice.

This is a very interesting angle from which you intersect the steel pan and its cultural roots ascension from the forbading of the african drums to bamboo then too steel drums. I hail you for bringing this view point to light.

Beautiful ! Stand up for your rights.BUT ....do not hold your breath waiting for the Minister to Apoligize it will not happen for reasons we all know.

Stand your ground remember United we stand divided we ...........

Is only amongst cows and sheep, that a cow boy could ride into the middle and slaughter the fattest without resistance or retaliation from the others. Some how, for what ever reason, or reasons best known only to him, that cow boy rode into a nest of African Bees, and you can bet your life, Bees act differently to such intrusion.
So what Michael you think we should sting him?:)

Now that Pantrinbago has rejected the Government offer for fundings, is there some strategy by the leaderhip to harness some of the multi-million dollars been spend within the Steelpan fraternity, by any means neccessary. Pantrinibago must be respected, be a more major player and treated equally as any other Natioanlly owned enterprise. How many countries can lay claim to a National Instrument? The Steel pan players deserves to be treated with much respect and more dignity.


As long as everybody stands shoulder to shoulder with Pan Trinbago, this is the way to start the New Year. Pan Trinbago has taken a stance and rightly so.



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