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Panmen to collect $1.5m this week

Published: Wed, 2011-04-27 22:41

Some $1.5 million will be paid to panmen this week. Pan Trinbago has been at the centre of controversy following the failure of payment of stipends to panmen for the 2011 Panorama season. However, the T&T Guardian learnt a number of issues contributed to the delay. Officials said poor organisation and registration errors are among the factors to be blamed for the late payout. “It was not Pan Trinbago’s fault as the organisation was waiting on funds to pay panmen. In addition, some steel bands were too delinquent in sending in their registration forms,”an official revealed. The panmen have been up in arms over the non-payment of the $1,000 stipend. The contentious issue saw Pan Trinbago and the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Winston Gypsy Peters locking horns during the Carnival season as a decision was taken to reduce the payment from $1,000 to $800.

Panmen had threatened to boycott the event. However, a decision was taken by Pan Trinbago to compensate the panmen for the shortfall. More than 7,000 panmen are expected to receive their stipends on Friday. Meanwhile, a row has broken out between 2011 Panorama champions Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars and Pan Trinbago over the ten per cent deducted from the band’s $2 million first prize. All Stars is claiming that the steelband body should not touch the money as it was a special prize given by the government. Legal fireworks are expected.


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Trinidad All Stars has a valid point.  The minister did say the prize was for this year alone.



Pan controversy again. Isn't that an item in Pan Trinbago's constitution - to deduct a percentage of a band's winnings? Did any band ever previously get all their winnings? All Stars - don't be like the TTCB.


Waiting on your apology to All Stars ma'am
I really thought that the rules of pan trinbago states clearly, that the organization have the rights to 10% of all prize money coming out of these events? However, money do have a strange effect on most people. So nothing is strange in this circumstance.It also appears to some, that the minister is running Pan trinbago. But as far as I can remember, Pan Trinbago is still the organization of the Panist.

This prize was something negotiated by the Body. Be real All Stars.

I read with interest and humour the last paragraph of Keith Anderson's article. Whilst there are numerous arguments for and against the 10% deduction, it is a stated and known policy/aspect of competitions administered by Pantrinbago. As a member of Trinidad All Stars it is with great distaste to see a reputed newspapers carry false information. We have over 100 members so you will have divergent views on any topic, but it was always clear to us that the 10% deduction was in effect. We have been in Panorama for over 30 years and the policy has not changed, we won the 1M in 2007 and the 10% was deducted then so why should we have a problem with the deduction now. Of course $200,000 can make a difference to our 120 members but the 10% deduction is a rule of the competition and we entered the competition knowing that. In short, the article does not represent the views of the management of Trinidad All Stars (who as far as I know have been elected to run the affairs of the band) and there are no legal fireworks to be expected.

Thanks for the clearification in this 10% issue. For a moment they had me wondering?
Jennifer you were quick to attack the steel band over the prize money,now that you know the truth why the silence,be real don't be on that.
That's a blatant lie by Keith Anderson whoever he is.Trinidad All Stars had dialogue with Pan Trinbago and readily agreed that 10% of their prize would go to the Organisation as stated in Pan Trinbago's Constitution which incidentialy was decided by the panmen themselves at the Convention which dealt with that.

10% of All Prize Monies earned is the least we can contribute to Pan Trinbago for Total Representation of Steel Bands and its Membership. Whilst we are happy for Trinidad All Stars, we must we happy for PanTrinbago also.


Congratulations once more to All The Bands for maintaining a high standard of music in the Panorama Competition. I would personally like to suggest/recommend that we keep two (2) Panoramas per year. We should not allow our musical talent go dormant. Panorama brings out the best from the arrangers and players. However, for this special Panorama the size of the bands can be reduced to 50/60 players. No small, medium or large bands. Everybody on the same playing field. Did we say a Republic Day Panorama? I am sure Minister Winston Peters would be happy to hear of our Plans to keep the 'Pan' alive. He may very well contribute 5M towards this Show. Pantrinbago can formulate the rules and forward them to the Ministry asap. He cannot turn us down if he so desire to keep the Pan alive.

Why should we want more Steelband competition, I think time will be better spent on this forum to make steelbands a bigger player in carnival. Back in the sixties about 95% of bands on the road were steelbands,  Silver Stars  won Band of the Year once, they even had a tune on the Hit Parade that lasted for about a year, how did steelband get from where it was then to where it is now? Steelband was there there in the early days of carnival when there was no money to be made, now carnival is big $$$$ and steelband still aint making no money.The way I see it is to give carnival Monday to the music bands and DJs and carnival Tuesday only steelbands on the road. Steelbands are more than Panorama.

              PS. Not Pan alive but Steelband alive.

Well said, Mr. Hinkson.  I agree.





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