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Panmen to collect $1.5m this week

Published: Wed, 2011-04-27 22:41

Some $1.5 million will be paid to panmen this week. Pan Trinbago has been at the centre of controversy following the failure of payment of stipends to panmen for the 2011 Panorama season. However, the T&T Guardian learnt a number of issues contributed to the delay. Officials said poor organisation and registration errors are among the factors to be blamed for the late payout. “It was not Pan Trinbago’s fault as the organisation was waiting on funds to pay panmen. In addition, some steel bands were too delinquent in sending in their registration forms,”an official revealed. The panmen have been up in arms over the non-payment of the $1,000 stipend. The contentious issue saw Pan Trinbago and the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Winston Gypsy Peters locking horns during the Carnival season as a decision was taken to reduce the payment from $1,000 to $800.

Panmen had threatened to boycott the event. However, a decision was taken by Pan Trinbago to compensate the panmen for the shortfall. More than 7,000 panmen are expected to receive their stipends on Friday. Meanwhile, a row has broken out between 2011 Panorama champions Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars and Pan Trinbago over the ten per cent deducted from the band’s $2 million first prize. All Stars is claiming that the steelband body should not touch the money as it was a special prize given by the government. Legal fireworks are expected.


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I hope everyone who was quick to run they mouth on All Stars will issue an apology now the facts are known. Man up guys, man up!

Indeed DJ.

Pan Trinbago and Trinidad All Stars are owed an apology.

Sorry, for I was led astray.  The Guardian simply has no shame or standards these days.



Haven't you all realized that Keith Anderson or the cartoonist "Keithos" is simply trying to create a scandal with the hope that he'll get Sabga's nod for getting The Guardian to sell more than The Express.


Sorry Keithos, keep out of Panmen's Business, and stick to cartoons.


Trinidad All Stars have more decorum than you could ever dream to possess.



As Phase 11 ,Do something for pan
*****Jennifer: Feel free to post an apology.
Please give Jennifer a break. She responded to a bogus news article from a source that's supposed to be credible.

There is nothing gained from beating up on her, and there is no need for her to apologize for an honest error if she doesn't wish to.

pantrinbago should bring back the pansong competation,it's $6000 to record a song,so composers could get back some $$$  all they get back is:their names on a iece of cloth 

I saw where is say's that approx 7,000 panmen will receive their stipends, do you think all of those 7,000 will get their money?



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