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Panorama 2013 Updates, News and Facts

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According to a recent post on WST-fb  from Mrs. Beverley Ramsey Moore

Beverley Ramsey Moore Due to Edwin Pouchet illness he will be unable to work with two bands for panorama 2013 therefore he recommended Len Boogsie Sharpe to do the arrangement for katzenjammers and so far we have no regrets. Sure hat trick for k j. It is a wonder to see Boogsie work.

 a great choice- both exciting  arrangers

 the mozar

rt will get the 3 peat

This just shows you how smart Mrs. Beverly Ramsey Moore is. Pan People in T&T vote for her in the up-coming Pan Trinbago election.
Very good decision making skills.

I agree with you cecil


Sometimes I wonder!! "Very good decision-making skills" "How smart" My two yr old grandson would have chosen Boogsie too. Cecil, you are riding a bandwagon and you really don't know why. P.S This is not a plug for the present admin but we have to be realistic. Don't go overboard, if you can't swim. Slipway, anyone??

Patrick: Doh talk to meh pardner Cecil like that. The man like the NEW VISIONARIES so leave him be!

Golden Hands Steel Orchestra will be performing "Gold" based on the original 1976 version composed and performed by the late Cecil 'Maestro' Hume. http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/page/gold-1976

Buccooneers will be performing "Gold" for Panorama 2013  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/page/gold-2012

Pamberi Steel Orchestra will be performing "Wettin" for Panorama 2013  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/page/wettin

Exodus will be performing "Gold" for Panorama 2013  http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/page/gold-2012

is Gold the panorama test piece and is Pelham allowed to arrange a song he did before, intresting to see how he will make out since that was his best ever offering in panorama



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