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Defending Panorama Champions, Marsicans Steel Orchestra, performs at Panorama Preliminaries 2017. They played the Mighty Duke's "Thunder", which was the Road March of 1987. The Arranger/ Conductor for this piece is Maestro Marlon White.

Nu Pioneers Pan Groove performs before the judges at Panorama Preliminaries 2017. They played Crazy's "Drive It" and this was arranged by Shaun Marcano & Simon Marcano.

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Thanks Curtis,you contribute in so many ways to promote the Pan.

Marsicans sounding solid, the other bands in this category has their work cut for them.

Thanks Curtis, please keep them coming!

Thanks for posting the videos.

Marsicans Steel have it locked up so far..

Thanks Curtis for the uploads...Much appreciated Man Of Pan.

Thank you Curtis, much appreciated.. the glory of pan music


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