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Keith Diaz, President of Pan Trinbago informed the membership present at the General Meeting held on January 9th, that the NCC [National Carnival Commission] will not be providing the facilities for the 2014 Panorama Greens. Pan Trinbago will have the responsibility of the construction of these facilities. He also indicated that the cost of this construction will be “Only Two Million Dollars”.


Three pertinent questions Mr President:
[1] How was this “Only Two Million Dollars” arrived at?
[2] When did Pan Trinbago send out Tenders for the construction of the Panorama Greens 2014?
[3] Who won this contract at the price of “Only Two Million Dollars”?

The Local and Global Pan communities still await the Accounts/ Profit and Loss Statement of the 2013 Panorama Greens. You seem to be HELL bent on constructing the 2014 Greens [the proverbial cash cow]. Therefore Sir, can you please explain where the money will come from, since this would not have been in your budget estimates which was submitted in March 2013?

How is it so easy that you can find “Only Two Million Dollars” to construct the 2014 Panorama Greens facilities while the winners of Pan is Beautiful XII 2013 Steelband Festival [concluded since November 2013] are yet to receive their $2.4 Million Dollars in prize monies?

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CORRECT!!!!! And if it does not go into the Steelbands pockets, it should be CLOSED DOWN!!!

Bertel: Diaz following his role model in Washington DC!!


TRANSPARENCY is always ONLY a campaign promise.

THE VISIONARIES must take a stand and make some kinda play at some point or else we will be sitting on the sidelines complaining about THAT MAN for the next three years.

Come on Beverly: SHOW ME YOUR MOTION!!!!


Again,I totally agree!

I can't understand How Keith Diaz is not Prosecuted for his nefarious actions against Pantrinbago and the Goverment. Every year he robs them blind coming up with all kind of outrageous figures to get the Government to subsidy Pantrinbago every year He claims that Pantrinbago is in the Red. This year He comes up with a new Scheme to Rob Panmen their hard earned monies. He is a Bandit at Large constantly robbing the Coffers of Pantrinbago. This Man should be in Jail. Some one Contact the DPP in Trinidad and let them know about Him. Keith Diaz is to Pan as what Jack Warner is to Football.


What we ought to be ashamed about is that Lawyers, Judges and Politicians allow these people to do what they do with tax payers money. 

What I don’t understand, why make this an issue for the membership? May be the NCC is telling Diaz this is his responsibility. May be Diaz is using this an excuse to tell them why they will be short-change this Panorama.

Like Kitchener would say…More MoneyThan Sense…..http://youtu.be/Yxs0GG2nWfc

The President must be accountable to the membership! So it is an issue for the membership!

Why don't Pan Trinbago put out some tenders on how to handle this situation, please ?


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