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Most of the focus of this forum has been on issues faced by pan players in TT and Brooklyn. And rightly so, especially since these are the venues of the major panorama competitions and pan players and thus the finances and the opportunities for mismanagement are greater.

But what’s happening in Toronto, Notting Hill and Miami? I recall in 2015 there were some rumbling over the payments to steelbands in the Pan is Alive Competition.  Have these issues been settled, i.e., have the payments increased? Or, are bandleaders following the model in TT and Brooklyn?

Not much is said about Miami and Notting Hill beyond the annual listing of participating steelbands, their arrangers, tuners, tune of choice, etc., and ultimately the list of winners. Is that a suggestion that “all is well” in Miami? And what’s up in the UK?

Are there some “best practices” in the panorama in the Diaspora which could serve as a model for TT and Brooklyn?

I have hunch that panorama players are being exploited everywhere. I hope my intuition is incorrect!

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Ajamu, I'd bet your intuition is correct, where ever there are Trini and Pan their's problems. Ah wonder why?

Steel bands and steel band players have been exploited since day 1 (one) and it will continue until there is a Steel Band Union set up and put in place, especially in Brooklyn,NY It is also time that the USSA Steel band association in Brooklyn, take over fully in charge of the Pan-A-Rama. Enough is enough. aka: Tahzann, aka: Curly. ( Retired panman)

I am not sure where you are going with this Ajamu. Many who leave Trinidad and Tobago and end up staying in Brooklyn, may not be legal. Most, don't pay taxes, and end up staying 'free' with a relative, and may even talk the relative bad after they were being helped extensively. Bottom line, it's not easy to leave your country of birth, and be successful is another country. To be successful, this process takes time, ambition, money, interviews, etc. to obtain citizenship, and then, a decent paying job to make it. If this is accomplished, how one can be exploited? At this time you must have enough sense to grow a project or know how to invest with others with similar vision. If you take trini 1970's panorama attitude with you, you basically fail before you start.

I thought I was being straightforward!?? Patrick, I know many who would  (and should ) take issue with your remarks. I wouldn't. Suffice it to say, your points have no real bearing on the questions I raised. Seems more like "ole talk" to me. I prefer answers that relate to panorama in Miami, Toronto and Notting Hill. For example,  what has been the trend in prize monies? Are pan players paid the what they earn? Are steelbands able to meet the expenses associated with participating in the panorama?Are pan players treated with respect? Eh Earl, Ian, Pepe, etc?

patrick, steelband is commess in T&T and everybody born dey.


Nowhere steelbands generate any kind of money to talk about and players know this, they come and play for Panorama because they love it. [outside T&T]

T&T did not only give the world a new complete set of musical instruments and a musical genre.
We gave language a new definition of the word 'panorama'.
If Oxford hasn't added it to their dictionaries as yet, it is about time that they do.


I blame Keith Diaz and his cronies for the treatment (disrespect) given to pan players at these Panorama competitions across the Globe. They should have a business model /format licensed to these groups. The group relationships with their local advertisers, their local governments, the interest groups for profits and non-profits, their tax-exempt status should yield successful benefits and respectability for their business operations.

Are there working relationships between these groups and PT, moving forward who is going take the LEAD for CHANGE???

It is mind blowing how no one has been able to make steelbands profitable.

Steelband Music is PROFITABLE!!! Every week in America TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS pass through the hands of STEELBANDSMEN all across this country. I been a witness to it here in California for decades. And if you check GIGMASTERS you will see hundreds of STEELBANDS in almost every state advertising their VERY PROFITABLE music.

The problem is that the PANORAMA BANDS are TOO LARGE and there are TOO MANY PLAYERS and the "INSTRUMENTS" are too cumbersome and COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS a very heavy expense. The THIRTY FIVE MILLION DOLLAR G-PAN was supposed to bring more power to the instruments needing less PANS and PLAYERS on the stage. But that was nothing but a political football.

And above all, ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS are lacking from THE MECCA all through the diaspora. And don't forget about the STANDARD CORRUPTION. Just last month the PRIME MINISTER of Trinidad and Tobago said that he did not realize that there was so much CORRUPTION in everything down in the island. So CORRUPTION might be NEWS to many people on this forum. By the same token, allyuh doh expect people to spend all year scrunting to fund a PANORAMA and then hand over all the money to the PAN MEN (the lowest level of the already faulty administration). Money is a TRICKLE DOWN kinda thing so the PAN MEN will always get THE LAST TRICKLE.

Ask Doctor Dolly and Keith Diaz how that does work. Matter fact -- just wait until this PANORAMA 2018 and allyuh will see how trickle down does really work when they cut the players stipend to $250.00

The EMPHASIS on PAN should NOT BE PANORAMA. The emphasis should be to produce and export more PANS FROM TRINIDAD. The emphasis should be to COMPOSE MORE QUALITY music FOR PAN. And the emphasis should be to RECORD and SELL PAN MUSIC GLOBALLY.

But people just cannot get beyond the PANORAMA FIXATION which is nothing more than NOISE and untalented arrangers pretending to play music that they don't even understand trying to impress the world that they know about music that they know nothing about.

"By the same token, allyuh doh expect people to spend all year scrunting to fund a PANORAMA and then hand over all the money to the PAN MEN (the lowest level of the already faulty administration)."

Are you saying WIADCA and USSA are "scrunting." The NFL is a tax-exempt organization, their commissioner Roger Goodell makes over $60 million a year, we all know the billions they receive from advertisers and broadcast rights.

The question remains are WIADCA and USSA operating in the best interest of the Pan Musicians? These musicians spend long hours at night rehearsing for the annual pan event, are they now willing to accept non payment for their WORK? I know dey say TIME is MONEY but it looks like Pan Musicians are selling themselves short when it comes to receiving decent compensation for their WORK. Maybe that's the cause for the disrespect.



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