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What can be done to have a shorter and Successful Show.

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The only thing I can see is they need to spend some money to have a permanent Venue with a revolving stage, and this is something we have Discussed so many times.   

All respect to you BEDE and VALENTINE, but I clearly believe that when man start getting old they want to change everything to suit their style. Its a known fact, trinis normally leave home approx. 11;00pm to go to fete. Should they come back home before 1:00am next morning. Pan lock up in the yard for the 'whole year' and you complaining about staying out a little late just one time.

Patrick, If No 9, 10, and 11 had played earlier and No 1, 2, and 3 had played last, the stands would have been empty 

Agreed, the competition would be much more competitive if medium bands and large bands are one category and have 8 bands for the finals

Patrick My Bro. Why are you so afraid of change. This definitely needs changing. After Carnival Pantrinbago will have to sit down and come up with an intelligent way to really cut down the shows time and still maintain it's entertaining factor. Some thing has to be done it's too long. Do you know how much people fall asleep when even their own Band is playing?

VALENTINE I agree with you on most of your comments, I know you mean good, but I am afraid trinis may loose their panorama as we know it today. Crime has a lot to do with many staying out late. Most today are foreigners (trinis) who don't live in the country and just come out to have fun. When panorama finishes to early nothing else to be done.

Revolving Stage, NO! Too much distraction is the set up adjacent to each other. If the set up directly opposite (back to back) What would the North Stand be looking at when one band is performing?

Ray revolving stage sounds like a system designed for old timers. Next is food service, mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, crushed yam and gravy. Start show at six in the evening and show end by 9 in the evening. Time to go to bed. Why people are trying to change the trini culture? Its unique, set up for sweet baccanal for many years, its just great.

You are so correct!

Good point Bede, but in the mean time how about only large bands on Carnival Saturday?

Ian, maybe we should concentrate on finding a day for the Medium bands so they can get the exposure they deserved, because the Large bands can make it on their own, I am not too sure bout the Medium. 

Well, that makes sense. Let the mediums play the night before. How about cutting down on the number of participants? 6 med. 6 large.


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