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What can be done to have a shorter and Successful Show.

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If there was a Finals Friday for Medium and Saturday for Large, I would attend both nights.  Using small and single pan as openers for each night would get them in front of big crowds.  And the Medium band performances rivalled the Large last night.  

TWO NIGHTS OF PANORAMA!  Who will say that is a bad idea?

this is the BEST idea i have heard yet.  


Ah bunch of cry baby's change this change that put your
finger in your mouth and go to bed.

Change is inevitable. It's been happening since we were once babies, ent?

No it is not too long. It's 21 bands playing at 8 minutes each with time to get on and off the stage. My friend Cornell and his crew did a great job getting the bands on and off the stage especially in the semifinals. Bands need to practice their setup and have a player count before they get on stage.  You can not have a revolving stage as no one want to be paying while another band is moving around making noise setting up on the other side. You will need a bigger stage for that and that will open up the sound too much. As it is now the people need to get much closer so the sound will be better heard. No one wants to come and see only ten bands play. Only the large bands will draw a crowd.

Panorama is for PAN LOVERS only!

Valentine, I don't like the test piece idea. This was tried in 1967 with Is Paris Burning and many were "burnt" with some even busting on stage. Arrangers focused on their panorama piece and did a hustle for the test piece and I could see the same happening again especially withe the stiff competition for the million dollar first prize. I would leave that for the music festival as was done in November...just my view.

Gerald My Brother. their is nothing wrong with a Calypso Test Piece, it has not ever been done before. a Test Piece works very well in the Musical Festival. The ''Is Paris Burning Test Piece that you smoke about in 1967 was a  Promotional Stunt for a Movie by the Same name. There was also Bomb Competition and Panorama that Same night. The Test Piece Calypso would add a new dimension to the Panorama.

With an 8minute panorama tune,how long would the test piece time be 6 minutes? Then for the applause to die out between tunes before the next is counted, what will be the total time before the next band? At the top I saw Panorama Is Definitely Too Long. Would this really shorten the panorama and if so (I don't think so) by how much?

Gerad My Bro.Without robbing the Public of their 20 or so Tunes, they would be able to leave at a decent time. the time would be saved by one Band which would Play two Pieces and leave the stage. the time saved would be in the set up time of two bands. ''Two for the Price of ONE. Do the math's. At the end of the Night at least Two hours would be Saved.

Panorama simply should start earlier in the day. I saw children

perform in the large bands at 4 in the morning, that's cruel. There are a lot of youths in the bands, just for them it should be earlier. Patrons and judges will listen better too!  Also for the European online pan posse it would be great to have Panorama during the day, because for us it is starting at 2 am.

All of the above comments have some merit,I especially like the stage A and B concept,but lets take it a step higher.One of the biggest event in the world is the American "superbowl" with a half hr intermission in which they present a show with all the trimmings including stage mounting,sound setup,and great choreography.Here we are boasting the greatest show on earth and it could well be considering the immense talent displayed collectively yet we have these trifle setbacks minimizing the thrust and depth of our presentation. Remember when we hosted the last beauty peargent,Donald Trump changed the venue to chagaramas for more suitable glamour for the event.With all the talent we have in this country do we really need the likes of Donald to direct us? And finally to my fellow trinbagonians, carnival is too great a festival to keep it to ourselves,that along with the steelpan should be recognized as what they are; the greatest non violent creations of the century,so if we have to make a few adjustments to accommodate the rest of the world??? ..remember there are millions of Chinese restaurants around the world,.....ever had dinner at their homes...just saying


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