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The topic of paying to view Panorama live, overseas via internet or cable, was covered in previous years. I think the time has come to re-open the discussion. Monies generated could help paying the bands and panmen. People pay through their nose to watch boxing and other activities from other countries, why can't others to pay to enjoy our culture. This also gives the panmen skin in the game by encouraging them to help marketing the product. They all have families abroad.

Many years ago I paid to view Panorama live, while sitting at my home in New York. The picture and audio was excellent. All of a sudden, that went away and back came the old, low quality transmission. Cannot remember the politics involved with that decision. I was not happy with the change, but as a friend said to me, it's free. Like Gypsy said, we have to move away from this culture of giving things away for free and I agree. I know he was talking about local activities but I am sure those of us who live abroad would gladly pay to view live performances of Panorama. This gimme free culture has deeper consequences for our country, but this is not the time nor place to discuss. If we want our traditions to survive, and remain as ours, the time has come for us all to contribute.

In no other country, would they give this away, NONE.  We have something they want and I believe they will pay a for it.  Monies generated could be used to help pay those dedicated individuals who spend long nights during the season to have us argue about who was the best. Sponsors would pay to have their names associated with the broadcast, to lower costs. This could be a start of something big. Let's go Trini.

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Selling PANORAMA to the WORLD is a MYTH!!!

Pay-Per-View option coming soon for viewing Steelband Panorama 2010

If all goes according to plan, steelpan music lovers the world over should be able to opt for the Pay-per-view (PPV) option made available via CTNTWorld, part of the  state-owned CNMG (Caribbean New Media Group) - this, according to iMedia Caribbean marketing exec Ian John.  “From Monday (February 8) the Pay-Per-View will go live where they can actually make payments online,” John told When Steel Talks (WST).  This is part of an ongoing initiative as “Pan Trinbago and the state are trying to maximize revenue, to cover some of the costs incurred,” John explained.

Opting for only the Saturday February 13 Panorama finals event PPV is a choice that is expected to cost USD $9.95, though it can also be purchased as part of a more comprehensive package including shows such as Dimanche Gras, International Soca Monarch finals and Parade of the Bands.  John also added that DVDs of the 2010 Panorama will eventually be made available for sale.


Pay-Per-View option coming soon for viewing Steelband Panorama 2010
Posted by Pan Times on February 5, 2010 at 3:18pm in WST News


In an interview on WACK 90.1fm Tuesday, Mr. Phillips expressed his deep disappointment that decisions and policies were put in place without anyone considering the ramifications they have on WACK fm. The NCC (National Carnival Commission) granted exclusive rights to one media house - this move leaving WACK ‘out in the cold’ as it relates to their internet stream.

For Carnival 2010, state-owned Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) acquired the Broadcast Rights for the premiere events of the carnival season covering radio and television, for Carnival events. In this regard CNMG has exclusive Rights to broadcast these events live from various venues. Panorama is one of these events. CNMG has also acquired Web Streaming Rights and this year for the first time, will pursue packaging select events for international Pay Per View.


Panorama exclusive broadcast rights only worth TT$125,000 and TnT Carnival overall TT$500,000?

Posted by Pan Times on February 18, 2010 at 11:01pm in WST News

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Amongst the self-congratulatory accolades, a somewhat remarkable bit of information was revealed as When Steel Talks (WST) took in the press conference as Trinidad and Tobago ministers gave their post-carnival summary. Not being in a position to pose any key questions, WST sat and listened. And listened. You know the old adage, talk less, listen more, learn a lot. Mind you, WST was only listening in to see if there would be any follow-up or mention, of the internet/Pay-Per-View debacle over last weekend. There was none.


its a good idea!! let's try it,we could have this discussion after carnival

Great idea 

Very good idea and suggestion.  We are willing to pay a fee for the live stream of Panorama or any of the Kings and Queens shows.

When the National Carnival and  Entertainment Centre (NCEC) is constructed and furnished, then we could walk the walk. 

 Architectural plans were proposed and submitted and accepted since 2006, we are not ready.

When construction of the National Carnival Entertainment Centre (NCEC) is completed and furnished, then and only then, 

pay to view will be a non issue.


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