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River lime would be my choice for a good jump up anytime , great catchy lyrics and beat.100%for me. !!!
where is Dr jit... bandoleros... blue crescendo .. those is big tunes
Finally, the people in the USA is giving one of their own a chance to showcase, that a local can also be considered in a major field, like having their song played for Labor Day at a Panorama.
Can you tell me more? Is someone entering US Panorama with an own tune? Wouldn't that be a first?
I may be wrong but I think Bandeleros is Yohan Popwell's song sung by Scanty and Sonatas is palying it arranged also by Popwell but it would not be a first since Garvin Blake arranged his own composition for Despers USA somewhere in the late 80's I think........ the song was named Pan Romance and it is also on his cd.....
You are wrong,Bandeleros in not Yohan Poppewell's tune,it was written and sung by Scanty.
No you are wrong Earl. Bandoleros was written by Miguel Reyes and sung by Tunapuna Scanty.

+Thank you Pan Woman
hello ..i was reading your remarks..i am MIGUEL REYES..composer,,arranger and writer of the song Bandoleros..and thank pan sonatas and clico sforzata, for playing and winning with it.
i am in the shadows ,scanty is in the light.. play on.
Magic Drum, is one of badest pan tunes out there.
Why are a number of the biggest pan tunes this year unavailable for purchase?
You should add links to buy the ones that are.
Brazilian flagwoman to me is the best beat for a good while.


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