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I like this, nice progressions
Good music as ever!!!

"Culture", composed by Raf has e very nice and soft feeling.

Well done Raf.

Henny from Curacao.

Oxley's  "Heavy on Pan" would be loved by the Grand Master.


Good Luck

De Original DeFosto thanks for dis masterpiece. Ah could hear all de Caribbean smiling. Give us more.

The Prophet Of Pan By Designer is Fantastic i can't wait to hear this on pan especially if Phase 2 plays it.



Well Cheryl yuh know Boogsie aint playing any other music but his own, so far I like "Million Dollar Music"

Good beat and all Defosto, great for a jump up !!

Another kicker Mark and Professor, only Destra could deliver it right. Cant wait to here what Professor will do to it.

I now like "Vibes" waiting to hear what Boogsie is comming with.

A pleasant surprise, Miguel. "Pan Away" had me smiling from beginning to end. A wonderful piece. Didn't even know you possessed such vocal pipes. Well done. I am hearing Panorama finals and Groovy Soca Monarch Finals.

Nice tune however, do not know if this is an All Stars Tune it does not allow Smooth and Terry enough room to work their magic !


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