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Take an A for Originality Harry Best...baaad shots too from Duvonne..(as expected)
No disrespect to any composers out there, but based on what has happened for the last 5 years or so, the benchmark will come from De Fosto (he has not released his best work yet for 2012, trust me) Boogsie, Pouchet, and Loquan/Professor. I judge a song composed for pan (I reject the term 'pan song' outright) by whether arrangers choose them for panorama or not. To me, composing a song with lyrics about pan is no big deal, its the melody that counts. So only after these arranger's best works are released will I be in a position to make a statement on how I feel about them.


Great song!

Is it me? or have I missed something?

Musta point? What is the purpose of this "song"? Every Trini should know the Sun rises over Lavantille and sets in the west. So probably that's why Trinidad is in the turmoil it's in.

Ah well, I suppose the days of singing pure nonsense is well and truely  with us.

I really don't know why there must be words to some of this music.

Can we have some proper compositions please?

Hello WST I see you're only listing 7 songs. What about "Heavy on Pan" by Oxley?

Has it been withdrawn?

love it,love it, love it, all the time, crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy, we love you toooooooooo, we taking our country back, fuh real,


good, pan, pan, love it

As an ignorant American, can anyone explain what this means?  Do the composers submit these songs to the steel band arrangers in hopes that they pick their song to arrange for panorama?  Are the arrangers limited to this list?  Can anyone submit to this list?  Thanks! 


Rachel Palmer

Flagler County, Florida


Hello Rachel:

Please check the 2011 rules below.  The arrangers are not limited to this list and anyone can submit to this list.


5. Music Selection

5.1 Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any calypso, as long as the same selection has not been played by said steelband in a previous Panorama Competition and that the lyrics of the chosen piece not contain material which can be considered to be libellous or obscene.

5.2 Composition of Selected Music – There shall be no restriction as to the nationality or profession of the composer of the Calypso selected to be rendered by a steelband during the competition.

5.3 Failure to Comply with Music Selection - Any steelband which selects a calypso for the competition that fails to comply with clause 5.1 hereof shall be disqualified from the competition.

click for more

Excellent information!  Thank you!  Where does this list come from then?  Is it just one that is put together by When Steel Talks? Or is it more official than that?  Thanks for your help! 




Hi Rachel,

What is happening is composers wish to have their material heard by the steel orchestras, and then considered for selection for the annual Panorama competitions. The other important fact is that the steelbands then want the Pan community to become familiar with their chosen songs, so at competition time, their supporters are enthusiastic and connect with the music when they perform.

The list comes together solely on the songs submitted by the composers to When Steel Talks to be put into rotation.  And some of the songs are selected by the steel orchestras for those annual Panoramas in Trinidad & Tobago, New York, London, etc - wherever there are panoramas around the world.  It becomes the de facto official listing, and a service to the global steelband community.

Pan Turbulence!! Great melody Pnuts.... Love it!!



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