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You have "Mystery Pan on the music player.. I don't see it on the 2012 Panorama Tunes.. Can you post it?

WST is awaiting the composer's submission of the minimum required supporting information to accompany the track - information which currently is provided for all other songs officially published to the listing of content.

Does this also apply to Boogsie Tribute to Pat Bishop and Pelham Auntie Pat?

@ Cecil Hinkson:

re: Boogsie's Tribute to Pat Bishop - this track has not been submitted
re: Pelham's Auntie Pat - yes, in answer to your question

Can WST as yet  provide us with a list of tunes that the bands are playing? I would be so gratefull

defosto sounds the same every year



Alston has been doing good work for many years now. This is one for a big band....like Despers!!!!

I lovve it! Real Jammin' A true Giant..Her legacy will never die.

Nice tune!!

Very true about melodies!

 I sincerely hope Boogsie fanatics and Phase Two panatics cool it and wait on the final night (FEB 18) outcome. They are getting ahead of themselves.



Gumbo Lie Lie

Panorama, the key that opens the door to the greatest show on earth, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, is here again in  2012.

Yet the numerous calypsoes created for this musical phenomenon, Panorama, are being stifled year in, year out on the air waves. Pan-people who attend Panorama are not able to hear before-hand these pan songs until they reach the savannah. This tend to take away some of the joy and the ability of pan lovers to do their personal 'judging' of the competition.

So I am calling on Pantrinbago to make a concerted effort to approach TUCO in order to start a joint radio station, in order to

save pan and calypso. Mr. Diaz I urge you to take it from here. Anyone who reads my suggestion and has the ears of the president, please bring it to his attention, for I believe the radio stations in T&T are not keen on playing pan and kaiso. I would someday wish to tune in to Radio Pankai.....FM.  HAPPY PANORAMA and A GREAT CARNIVAL to T&T!

Oswald, I think you have raised a very important point.


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