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Ebony steel band, fast out of the blocks, Can they be caught. Your vote matters
All right that's it, time to make my vote count...I urge all pan jumbies to get out there and vote as well...let's make a difference!

To vote, click on this URL and follow the instructions: http://www.panorama-worldcup.com/

Have your say, as to which band is the WORLDS best....

Exercise you Pan given right and vote...LET'S MAKE HISTORY!!

This is the first time that a Panorama World Cup Competition has been held!!
Have your speakers switched on when you click on the URL: http://www.panorama-worldcup.com/
Will be interesting for sure
Silver Stars coming back,
Where are the Pan sonatas, and Salah Steelpan academy fans
not to worry you have at least a month to cast your vote
Salah Steelpan Academy now out in front,
followed by Silver Stars,
Ebony back in 3rd..
keep the votes coming in
Wow, that's interesting...but where's the New York massive? Trinidad, Canada and the UK have good representation so far, but the US participation is lacking.
My vote goes to Sonatas
SONATAS need your vote http://www.panorama-worldcup.com/
Salah Steelpan Academy is still in front...don't forget to vote!


If you've voted already, then tell a friend to go vote...this is the only time were YOU are the judge!!
Salah still leading
Silver Stars hot on their trail
Sonatas steaming into 3rd
Ebony needing your votes


Remember folks...you are allowed ONE and only ONE vote each.


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