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Pantrinbago Dept, 1979 Panorama boycott, Savannah pool party, New Visionaries, CIP and others that opened our eyes.

It was stated on this forum by a poster that the Ministry of culture should wipe out Pantrinbago dept, but what about the Players and Steelbands locally and globally waiting to get paid from Pantrinbago,will that be wipe out also?  I don't see that happening.                                                                                                                    The 1979 Panorama boycott was it a failure or a success, after all the following year saw an increased in Prize Monies, So if the same khaki pants executives are elected after elections with the same khaki pants ideas and business as usual attitudes, will there be a serious threat of a 2019 Panorama boycott.                              Is the Panorama Savannah pool party a failure or a success? I see it as another Kiaso Fiesta  like the one in Skinner Park with Singers,Artists, bands and people having a good time in the center of Panorama Semis, If it is a success does the players and bands benefit financially from it or Pantrinbago keeps all profits.                                                                                                                                                   Many of us knew of the Financial corruption that is embedded in Pantrinbago over the past several years and it took the New Visionaries, CIP and others who wants accountability and transparency to open our eyes wider and get involve to see things go right. Many of us did not know about the imported cars and rims until it was posted on this forum. How long will the GOVT continue to pump money into Pantrinbago who is sinking more and more into dept, If a ship is sinking you have to abandon ship and get into a life boat hoping to be picked up by a sturdy ship hopefully not the Titanic or Sea bridge ferry.                             Will there be a new chapter in Pantrinbago after elections or will it be the same old, same old, only time will tell.

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earl richards, I don't think it is fair to any new executive to have to deal with a 30-40mill debt, and I don't want the government to pay it either.

Cecil do you want someone to make jail?


Earl Richards: TIME ALREADY TELL!!! Nothing is going to change in PAN TRINBAGO. And, YES!!! The government WILL CONTINUE to PUMP MONEY into PAN TRINBAGO despite all the stories of corruption. Including the story from THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER about TICKET SCALPING by THE PRESIDENT and the 1.1 million dollars in GIFTS to the number one and number two executives in the organization. And don't forget all the MILLIONS in honorariums.

PANORAMA 2019 will see an INCREASE in the SUBVENTION up from $20 MILLION to about $22 MILLION. Despite the heavy dose of exposure given to all the PAN TRINBAGO CORRUPTION here in THIS FORUM.

Right now it turns out that THE GOVERNMENT needs PAN TRINBAGO more than PAN TRINBAGO needs THE GOVERNMENT. Enjoy your WORLD CUP SOCCER and don't try to figure that out. And, by the way, unless they fire that DENNIS LAWRENCE coach -- that T&T soccer team eh going NOWHERE!!!

Good thing ah went to GERMANY and LIVE THAT DREAM in 2006. All ah missing in meh life now is ONE GOOD PIECE OF GLOBAL PAN MUSIC -- recorded and performed by a TRINIDAD PAN MAN!!! And then they could bury me in the KEITH DIAZ cemetery next to BEVERLEY RAMSEY and AQUIL ARRINDELL and GREGORY LINDSAY and OSWALD ALEXANDER.

KEITH DIAZ til 2020!!!

I will really have to work on that pan CD for you, Mr. claude.

After all resting in peace is an important thing...lol

Nice article Mr. Richards.

Aquil: Yuh could call him, Earl!!! That is meh good pardner so ah giving you permission.

Boy, if ah BASKETBALL MAN could instigate WORLD PEACE -- ah hoping that ah TRINIDAD PAN MAN could do the same with some GLOBAL PAN MUSIC.

Doh worry about me resting in peace. The Chrystal Ball say ah good until 2035!!!

Appreciate your comments Mr. Aquil. Weather we hate or love the actions of Pantrinbago, Diaz, D'Photo, Gregory Lindsay,Oswald Alexander,Dane Gulston,Beverley Ramsey, New Visionaries,CIP and others. I am not saying we all should join the CIP, but we should all be Concern Individuals for Pan.

Earl: Ah backing MEXICO -- who yuh like?

Claude!!! you backing Mexico because you like the bacchanal between Trump and the wall he intends to build to keep out the illegals, You like too much comess, You are in for another concussion because i think this is the year for Lionel Messi to shine with Argentina, So my pick is ARGENTINA . See you in the FINALS.


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