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Revisted - PAT BISHOP - A Person In Pan - Women in Pan

PAT BISHOP - A Person In Pan
by Pat Bishop

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

Trinidad - I can’t say that gender has been a factor in my pan yard activities – which now span so long a period of time that I’ve forgotten when it all started!

I remember once singing with Esso Tripoli steelband and abandoning solo singing soon afterwards in preference for pan arranging.  In those days I worked
feverishly to find out what the instrument could do and I lived with the pans of Birdsong in my house for a very long time.

They were very kind and they soon let me arrange for them, starting with simple hymn tunes.  And so too did many, many more bands.

The Classical Festival was to become the event for which my major work was done, but I also started to drill and clean up Panorama arrangements and do critical pan commentary for Radio Trinidad. I continue to do these jobs today.

One particular interest of mine over the years has been the music composed specifically for pan and I consider it a privilege to be allowed to work with Jit Samaroo, Ken Philmore, Ray Holman and Boogsie Sharpe. A highlight of this work was having the opportunity to conduct Boogsie’s “Dance of the Douens” for Skiffle Bunch, especially after it had been choreographed by Patricia Roe for the Caribbean School of Dancing at Queen’s Hall.

Music Festival victories as arranger/conductor for Desperadoes gave rise to many overseas appearances, the highlights of which are probably my two Carnegie Hall concerts with the band.

But alas, all of that music has been lost because our pan people are not yet musically literate. Today, some individuals are able to read a line of music. Very few read and also write!! It therefore takes an enormous amount of time and patience to teach music which has originally been scored for the full conventional orchestra. The work becomes heartbreaking when it is discovered that the players forget it all very, very quickly. This kind of issue has nothing at all to do with gender.

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Thank you for keeping a record of Pat Bishop's amazing work alive.


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