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Keron Valentine, new Executive Director of Hadco Phase II with Arranger Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe and John Hadad, Executive Chairman of Hadco

Keron Valentine, new Executive Director of Hadco Phase II with Arranger Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe and John Hadad, Executive Chairman of Hadco

Phase II is now known as Hadco Phase II and the band is now under new leadership.

Former Port-of-Spain Mayor Keron Valentine will now take over the rein of leadership as the band’s Executive Manager.

The changes were announced at a media launch on Thursday in addition to plans to develop the band’s space in Woodbrook, called The Village.

Speaking to Loop earlier this week, Valentine, 33, said one of his first acts was to acknowledge Hadco’s support of the band through the name change.

“They are a very special corporate sponsor. I have worked with quite a number of other corporate entities and they are into it.  Most corporate people just see it as the dollar figure they put behind the steel pan but Hadco cares about the wellbeing of the band and we have a very close relationship with them and we keep abreast of all the developments.  When I came on I was always hearing it is Phase II in collaboration with Hadco but I told them we have to acknowledge that it is a lot of resources, financial and otherwise given to Phase II so we need to relaunch and call the band Hadco Phase 11 Pan Groove,” he said.

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Cecil: If the PAN WORLD is this small and we have all these complications and conflicts, could you imagine what it is like running a WHOLE COUNTRY like CANADA or AMERICA? Or even TRINIDAD and TOBAGO for that matter.

This PHASE II thing is an extremely complex issue with a lot of polarized views that are not going to change. I will continue to say that the MEN WHO STAYED IN TRINIDAD and dedicated their LIVES to PAN (and politics for that matter) have the right to their own decisions whether we AGREE with them or NOT.

Is like I was listening to THE WARRIORS game last night on the radio driving home and CURRY made a play (a misplay) that the announcer did not like and he started telling the listeners WHAT CURRY SHOULD HAVE DONE ON THE PLAY.

Yuh get the ABSURDITY of it ALL?

Boi!!! You is ah REAL FAITHFUL MAN. When yuh in people corner -- yuh really in dey corner!!!

EARL RICHARDS: I am going to try to fish out your email address one of these days and I am going to send you an email providing some answers to the question you asked. This is a real complex issue that has to do with economics and race and militancy and business and self-interest and on and on all wrapped into one!

Nor should you dislike Mr. Valentine. Although Mr. Valentine is a product of and part of the Trinidad & Tobago Pan fabric he is not the way forward for Phase II.

Boogsie has done an incredible job in making Phase II Pan Groove one of the most renown and respected steelband music franchises in the world. In this regard, Boogsie deserves to have the best global business minds working for preservation and growth of Phase II as a profitable  institution in ways that Boogsie could never imagine. 

Mr. Valentine attached the Hadco's name to the Phase II name tag as his first official act. This did not ad value to the Phase II franchise. In fact it did just the opposite. On the other hand Mr. Valentine has already proven more valuable to Hadco than Phase II.

As for Mr. Valentine's 33 years, that is more than two teenage lifetimes. People forget, steelband movement was championed by teenagers and most notably young people.

Valentine is definately a continuance of the old concept that a steelband has no actual value without a sponsorship. In fact sponsorship is what has to now be removed from steelbands. I have said this over the years since I joined WST. He says that the amount of money and support Hadco has given to Phase II makes the relationship qualified to rename Phase II to Hadco Phase II. This indicates that Phase II has no actual value whatsoever since it birth in 1972, the amount of pan musicians both local and foreigners it has put out. Hadco on the other hand is a relatively new company. Actually no one knew of Hadco before they began sponsoring Phase II. I am an accountant in T&T and I never knew a company by the name Hadco existed. It is not like Neal and Massy an old name now renamed as Massy. Shell, or even Petrotrin West Indian Tobacco etc.

I feel sorry for Boogsie because he was on the right track with Phase II in partnership with Hadco. He should have retained that collaboration name. Once that name is changed, the spirit of Phase II will change. Boogsie is about the only founder that retained the spirit of Phase II. Since Hadco came in Phase II placements in the Panorama dropped considerably. Hadco brought no new winnings to Phase II.

Phase II and indeed all other big bands are worth millions of dollars both in T&T$ and US$. If someone were to do a valuation of the amount of pans that were made from 1972 to now it would be worth millions. Take the music of Boogsie and the music of Phase II that is also worth millions. The land space that was eventually leased to them for 99 years, is also worth millions. If a company like Hadco comes in now and assist Phase II finacially, what they are really doing is two things. Advertising their company and also purchasing the goodwill of Boogsie and the Phase II outfit as a whole. Phase II because of Boogsie is an internationally known steelband which is worth millions. Add those millions up and you can get an idea of the Net Value of Phase II. That is what Hadco is going after. The first process is to rename the band Hadco Phase II, This infiltrates the human minds with Hadco now owns Phase II. It's a pity that Phase II didn't consult a lawyer like Martin Daly on this. If they had done this, the name Phase II in partnership with Hadco was and is the ideal name.

This is the problem with steelbands. They do not properly value themselves and their ability to give plesure and joy to human beings across the glove. That is a very valuable thing. when properly harnessed.

It's not to late. Phase II should at all cost retain the name of Phase II in partnership with Hadco. If Hadco and Valentine wants to use the name Hadco Phase II, then they should become shareholders in the limited liability company which Phase II has registered. They need proper legal advising. For this shareholdings Hadco should pay some millions to the company. They don't have to pay it in one shot. Instead of sponsorship those millions should be placed annually of a fixed sum and fixed period. This is really what should be happening with all the big bands. Then it would be a horse of a different color.

What would be Mr. Valentine's position with Newtown Playboyz? If still with them, where would his allegiance lie? 


I am sure that both Keron and Boogsie got some nice signing BONUSES. And PAN LABOR is FREE!

Ain't that the truth. So sad.

I think some of us misunderstand the concept of sponsorship.

A company sponsoring a band may be partly altruistic , but it is also business. 

The corporation is paying the steelband to advertise for them.

I am assuming the sponsorship is contractual , and the band is being paid to carry the corporation's name.

For decades the Boston Celtics played Basketball in the Boston Garden.

Now it's the TD Garden , because TD Bank-north paid for the privilege.


In the old days we would have carried a company's name on our banners for relative peanuts.

I would hope that pan people today know better.

This is business , folks. 

Isn't business  one of the areas we wish modern steelbands would learn to take advantage of?

Just a few years ago Phase 11 Pan groove was known as Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove and I did not hear this uproar, Now its Hadco Phase 11 Pan groove, What is the big difference of Phase 11 Pan Groove being formally called Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove and now being called Hadco Phase 11 Pan Groove ?

Tell them earl richards.

I wish someone would tell Toronto that it is not okay to lose to Lebron every year. 

Cecil, Mr. Valentine might able to give better basketball advice to your Raptors than the business advice he has been giving Boogsie.



When you know better, you're suppose to do better. 


Over the years we have known Boogsie to be very out spoken when it comes to Doing Something for Pan. So by agreeing to Having his band called Hadco Phase 11 Pan Groove is he now Doing Something against pan or he don't know better or is he doing the best thing in his mind for  the future of THE PHASE?


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